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Dengue RNA PCR, Qual. Test

Dengue RNA PCR, Qual. Test

also known as: DENV

Dengue is a disease caused due to the virus transmitted by mosquitoes. Dengue infection can be observed if the ‘dengue triad’ i.e. fever, rash, and headache can be spotted. The Dengue fever is characterized in two phases namely acute and convalescent. The initial muscle pain and fever symptoms fall in acute phase which lasts for 4-5 days. Once the fever subsides the convalescent phase begins and can last upto 7 days. Dengue Virus (DENV) level is higher in blood during first phase and, therefore, real time PCR test is carried out to detect this virus so that it can be treated in its initial stages itself.

PCR tests are generally carried out to detect the virus present in the serum. Further, this detected virus can be sequenced for additional characterization. PCR is used in the early stages to detect the DENV virus. The first step is to extract nucleic acid sample and its purification. Second stage involves amplification of that nucleic acid and then detection along followed by characterization of the amplified product. Extraction and purification are carried out on the silica-based kits for faster results. Laboratories use nested RT-PCR assay along with universal dengue primers which target the C/prM region of the genome. Electrophoresis is used to separate the products on agarose gel. The resulting amplified products are obtained on the agarose gel with the help of ethidium bromide dye. Bands with different molecular weights separate accordingly.

The initial tests helps in preventing the dengue to enter into secondary stages. Patients experiencing the ‘dengue triad’ for more than 5 days should immediately undergo the tests. This will help in detection of the DENV are the doctors can prescribe essential medications for the patient. The test can also help to prevent deterioration of your health.

Dengue virus spreads in your body and shows the symptoms like fever, headache, muscle pain, rashes, etc. You will be required to give the sample of your blood for the test. Make sure to use an unused needle in case if you are taking the sample yourself. The sample needs to be sent for testing as soon as the symptoms are detected. In case of negative results before 5 days of illness another sample is to be submitted for serological confirmation.

plasma or serum
Plastic screw cap vial
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Dengue RNA PCR
All age groups
Rs 2000-Rs 5000

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