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CT Scan - Paranasal Sinuses Test

CT Scan - Paranasal Sinuses Test

The nasal cavity is surrounded by the bones of the face. These bones consist of hollow and air-filled spaces to which we call paranasal sinuses cavities. A sinus infection in which we suffer from a feeling of pressure in the face, inflamed nasal passages, fever, coughing, a thick mucous buildup, nasal congestion and bad breath is termed as paranasal sinuses disease. If we want to evaluate paranasal cavities then, then the test performed by using X-ray equipment is CT-scan paranasal sinuses. This method of diagnosis is considered to be non-invasive.

We have to prepare for this test in the following way. • On the day of the scan, we should wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes. • Before proceeding to CT-scan, we should eat light food. • On the day of the scan, we should drink so much of fluids. • If we are taking any medical treatment then before the scan we should take it according to the prescription. • We should consult with the doctor if we are pregnant. • Eyeglasses, hairpins, hearing aids and jewellery should be removed before the scan.

The benefits of CT scan paranasal sinuses are as follows • This test is painless. • This test provides accurate results. • This test is reliable. • This scan can evaluate paranasal sinuses cavities. • The images provided by this scan are in detailed form.

The procedure of CT scan-paranasal sinuses is as follow.
• On the CT table, we have to get into position with the help of CT technologist.
• When we lie on the table then there is the movement of the table within the centre of the
• Pictures are taken from many angles by forming area’s cross-section images through the
revolution of the X-ray tube around us.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.5000 to Rs.6500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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