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CT Scan - Endoscopy Test

CT Scan - Endoscopy Test

The mold Alternaria is well known for causing fungus. Alternaria spores dwell from spring and go right through the late fall in most of the areas and are known to spread at huge levels of thousands of spores per cubic meter air, approximately. If you are suffering from an allergy that affects you in various seasons, then it's possible you are allergic to spores or other such fungus. Molds thrive everywhere. Disrupting a mold causes the spores to be airborne.

Mold and mildew, both are fungi hence, there reproductive process is different from animals and plants. Their reproductive process involves the 'seeds' or spores traveling by air. Some spores are known to travel in dry and windy conditions also. While, others tend to travel in foggy or dew temperature, where the humidity level is high. Inhalation of these spores causes the allergic reaction that people suffer. These fungus spores allergic symptoms generally are observed during July to early fall. But, some fungi grow in indoor and outdoor areas, in all weathers hence, these allergies can occur year round.

No specific preparation is required for the Allergy Alternaria Tenuis Fungus test. Inform your doctor if you are on any prescribed or over the counter medication. If you are allergic to anything, inform your doctor so he/she can guide accordingly.

On detection, this IgE let's the doctor evaluate whether you are allergic to the particular Alternaria Alternata spore or not. The Allergy Alternaria Tenuis Fungus Radio Immunosorbent blood test is used to check the reaction you show to an allergen, in this case to Alternaria. In comparison to skin test, the blood test is simple and painless as in the skin test you have to bear the skin issues you suffer from the allergy and this can be fatal, if not done under supervision.

Allergy Alternaria Tenuis Fungus is done by taking a Radioimmunosorbent blood test. The procedure is done to detect a particular allergen IgE in your blood test.
Average price range of the test is between Rs.5000 to Rs.6500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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