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Creatinine - Spot Test

Creatinine - Spot Test

A creatinine urine test measures the amount of creatine in your urine. The test can help you doctor evaluate how well your kidneys are functioning. This is useful for diagnosing or ruling out kidney disease and other conditions affecting the kidneys. The creatine in the urine can vary a lot based on diet,exercise and hydration levels, so a spot check is not as helpful. For a 'spot' urine test you collect one sample preferably early in the morning.

The 24-hour volume test involves the collection of urine. One or more containers will be given for collecting and storing urine.
Before the Test:
1. Tell your doctor about any supplement or prescription and over the counter medication you're taking. Some supplements and drugs can interfere with the test results . Your doctor can tell which one to avoid.
2. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or think you may get pregnant.
3. Avoid certain foods or beverages if advised by your doctor.
4. Ask your doctor if you need to begin the test at a particular time of day.
5. Make sure you understand when and where you should return the container of urine.

There are natural variations in creatinine output due to age and body mass. The more muscular you are the higher your range will be. It's also important to note that not all laboratories are the same values. Results are dependent on proper collection of urine sample. Normal urine creatinine values generally range from 955 to 2,936 milligrams per 24 hours for males and 601 to 1,689 mg per 24c hours for female. Creatinine values that fall outside the normal range may be indication of Kidney disease, kidney infection, kidney failure, urinary tract obstruction such as kidney stones, late stage muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, Abnormal values can also occur in people who have diabetes or a diet that's high in meat or other proteins.

The test should begin at a specific time and at the same time on the following day. On the first day don't collect the urine from your first time urinating. However, make sure you note and record the time. This will be the start time of the 24-hour volume test. Collect all the urine for the next 24 hours. Keep the storage container refrigerator throughout the process. On the second day, try to urinate around the same time that the test started on the first day. When the 24- hour period is over, cap the container and promptly return it to the lab or doctor's office as instructed.

random urine
non sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Creatinine - Spot
All age groups
Rs 200- Rs 600

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