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Cell Count and Cell Type (CSF) Test

Cell Count and Cell Type (CSF) Test

Cell counting cell type is one of the available methods associated with counting or similar quantification of cells associated with life sciences, including the medical treatment and diagnosis process. This also acts as a subset of cytometry, which involves applications in the clinical and research practice. Doctors use hemocytometer or an automated cell counter to perform the cell-counting test.

If doctors opt to use a cover slip and hemocytometer, you should clean it by using alcohol pad before usage. You should apply water to moisten the cover slip and affix the same to hemo cytometer. Here, the presence of refraction rings of Newton beneath the cover slip indicates adhesion in the right way. In case of using a disposable hemocytometer, you only have to remove it from the packet before you use it. Swirl the flask in a gentle manner to make sure about even distribution of cells You should take about 0.5ml cell suspension by the help of a 5ml sterile pipette before the settlement of the cells and place in Eppendorf tube.

To maintain cell cultures based on splitting of cells or preparation for next passage To prepare cells to perform trans-infection experiments To prepare cells for downstream experiments, which require consistent and accurate numbers of input cells, along with qPCR.

Use a pipette and take cell suspension as well as apply it to the hemocytometer. In case of using glass hemocytometer, doctors fill both chambers below the cover slip in a gentle way to allow drawing out the cell suspension based on capillary action. However, in case of using disposable hemocytometer, you should pipette the suspension of cell in a well manner of the counting chamber to allow capillary action. Use a microscope; focus on hemocytometer’s grid lines based on 10X objective. Use a hand tally counter, count unstained and live cells in a set consisting of 16 squares. When you count, you should employ a system, in which counting of cells take place within only a single square or on bottom/right-hand boundary line. Based on same guidelines, pathologists count dead cells stained by the help of Trypan Blue to estimate the viability in case of requirement. Move the device to another set containing 16 corner squares and carry on counting until and unless doctors count each of the 4 sets containing 16 corners.

Type Gender Age-Group Value
Cell Count Cell type
All age groups
< 5 cells/ mm cube
Average price range of the test is between Rs.60 to Rs.400 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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