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Allergy Grass Panel Confirmatory Test

Allergy Grass Panel Confirmatory Test

Allergy-Grass-Panel-Confirmatory test is used to find the causes of allergy in patients. Your doctor may advise this test if you are suffering from an allergy or have allergic symptoms. Based on the test, the best treatment can be advised because the trigger for the allergic reaction will be identified. The test measures the amount of antibodies in your body against a specific allergen. The amount of antibodies in blood will be measured. The test screens for at least 10 common triggers. The doctor may advise a blood or a skin test.

You do not have to make any special preparation for this test. Make sure you inform your doctor if you are taking any medications or have any other medical condition. The doctor may ask you to stop taking anti-allergic medications and other drugs like antihistamines as these may interfere with the results.

The result for Allergy Grass Panel Confirmatory test shows a higher number of IgE antibodies, i.e. more than 100kU/l for a specific allergen. The specific allergic substance can thus be identified and treatment can be suggested accordingly to the patient. The test result is common for all genders and all age groups. Only the allergic substance may vary from person to person.

The procedure for this test involves taking a blood sample to detect allergen-specific antibodies in it. The blood will be withdrawn through a simple procedure from the upper arm. An elastic band will be wrapped around the arm to make the veins visible. A needle will be inserted in the vein and blood will be collected in a tube. The needle will then be removed along with the elastic band. The needle site will be rubbed with cotton. The procedure is slightly painful.

3.5ml gold top tube container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Allergy Grass Panel Confirmatory
All age groups
Rs 600- RS 1500

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