Anti tTg IgA Test in Gurgaon

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Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon
850.0 for Anti tTg IgA
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About Anti tTg IgA Test

The tissue transglutaminase (tTG) IgA test is done as a part of assessment of certain autoimmune conditions, most particularly celiac disease. This test is done to diagnose celiac disease and to assess the effectiveness of a gluten-free diet. Detecting celiac disease where body produces two antibodies that attack tTG, can be effectively done by measuring the IgA form of tTG antibody available in the blood. This way is very useful as it is made in the small intestine where inflammation and irritation are caused in sensitive people by gluten. This test is in general suggested to people showing symptoms of celiac disease, that includes anemia and abdominal pain.

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