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When & Why To Approach A Sexologist?

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MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS
Sexologist, Gurgaon  •  23years experience
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"Hi, I am Dr Niharika Chugh, Acupuncturist. Today I will talk about why acupuncturist treatment over allopathic treatment. A good dr is who takes out the patient from medicines. Today I will answer frequently asked questions. What is acupuncture? How does it work? What all age group can take this therapy? Is the therapy painful? How effective the therapy is? For what all condition it works effectively?

Q1: What is acupuncture? Ans: This is an energy-based science in which needles are inserted into the specific points of the body called the acupuncture points.

Q2: How it works? Ans: According to the science of traditional Chinese medicines, whenever there is any problem in any part of the body, the flow of energy to that body part is not proper. So, acupuncture works by streamlining the flow of energy through that organ and it recovers from the root.

Q3: Is the therapy painful? Ans: It looks painful. But it is not. It is a very friendly treatment.

Q4: How effective the therapy is? Ans: When the patient visit us if the diagnose is done properly than treatment is very effective.

Q5: What all age group can take this therapy? Ans: It is well accepted by all the age groups. The youngest age group visits our clinic is 4 years of age and the eldest one is 80.

Q6: For what all condition it works effectively? Ans: For orthopaedic conditions, it works well that includes all joints pain. Next is for respiratory conditions, all cosmetic condition, next is neurological conditions, hormonal conditions, infertility, skin related conditions. If you have any further query, consult me through Lybrate. Thank You."

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