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What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your Heart?

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What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your Heart?

Cardiovascular diseases are intricately related to your lifestyle choices. Several factors that affect the heart such as age, ethnicity, family history, etc. There are several aspects you can control. Consciously choosing to live a heart-healthy life not only increases longevity but also ensures a more productive and happy life, free of the burden of diseases. This World Heart Day on 29th September, familiarize yourself with a list of small changes you can make in your everyday life to ensure you are proactively protecting your heart.

  1. Active and Healthy - Introduce at least 20 minutes of active physical activity in your schedule. It gets your heart pumping and strengthens the muscles against chronic conditions. Keep your workout routine consistent and add small challenges for yourself. Regular physical activity gives you the twin benefit of keeping your weight in check as well as reduce stress and anxiety, both of which contribute to the health of the heart.

  2. Stress management - Management of stress is another important factor to keep in mind to shield your heart against cardiovascular diseases. Invest your time in relaxing activities of your choice like yoga, meditation, or journaling because the care of the heart begins with self-care.

  3. Take stock of what you eat - A balanced, healthy diet is crucial for the health of the heart. Cut back on fried food and those with high levels of saturated fats. Smoking and alcohol are probably the greatest enemies in your journey towards a healthy heart and needs to be eliminated as well. Make way for food rich in proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. Seafood and legumes work wonders for the heart.

  4. Balance the numbers - Keeping your blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol within the healthy range is essential for the heart to function well and reduce risks for the health of the heart. Regular blood work, proper medication and a healthy diet go a long way to achieve it.

  5. Sleep on it - Studies show people who get less than 5 hours of sleep are more prone to heart risks. A proper sleep schedule and a minimum of 7 hours of sleep substantially reverse risks for the heart. Even though it sounds funny, you must make sleep a priority for a healthier heart.

Achieving big lifestyle changes is not an easy feat to achieve overnight. However, the small changes introduced over time can add years to your life and save thousands from your medical bill. Set personal goals and find the motivation and support to keep you going on the path of better lifestyle choices. These small steps will accumulate into a massive transformation you can achieve realistically.

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