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Weight Loss & Fat Loss - Is There A Difference?

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Dt.Divya Singhal Garg 86% (22ratings)
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Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  5years experience
 Weight Loss & Fat Loss - Is There A Difference?

There are a lot of people who think that weight loss and fat loss are the same thing and do have to carry any difference, but the reality is totally different. There is a whole lot of difference that lies between the two. When one starts to maintain a strict diet and begin exercising, he or she would not lose fat automatically. People by doing these things, sometimes go on to lose muscles, which is something anyone should always look to avoid.

Now let us take a look at the differences between the two one by one so that a proper understanding can be developed:

What Can Be Regarded As Weight Loss?

Before anyone becomes too happy about losing weight, they should know that the loss mainly consisted of three things:

1. Fat


3.Muscle Mass

So in a way, little of everything had gone down to make the person slimmer. One can easily lose weight by not having food but unfortunately, that weight loss will be both muscles as well as fat. People think that reducing the intake of food and not doing exercises can help them get back in proper shape but that is not true. Most Dietitians suggest not to opt for it because in reality, this regime can only make a person really weak.

The level of fitness, as well as strength, suffer because one's muscles lost a portion of their mass. So, no one can expect their physical performance to improve. Moreover, people might feel tired and their immune system can become weaker, hence allowing them to catch a cold or even suffer from different kinds of health problems. Hence, it is important not to go for crash diets, which promise to make people become slim in no time. In reality, it would only cause damage to their health.

What Exactly Is Fat Loss?

Fat Loss is confined to the reduction of fat tissues that get stored. This can be achieved through the maintenance of a healthy diet along with proper exercising.

Some points related to fat loss:

-Fat loss does not take place overnight but it definitely helps people get into much better shape than what a strategy for weight loss does.

-People need to work out for losing their fat. This leads to a much more improved level of fitness, stamina, strength along with physical performance. It is just the opposite of weight loss.

-Moreover, eating the right kind of items and simultaneously indulge in doing exercises can provide strength to one’s immune system and keep people protected against illnesses.

So basically, if anyone aims to look great, they must lose fat and not weight. They can attain fat loss through proper training and through consuming a balanced diet devoid of any fat. This will allow the results to last longer and is a healthier option for one's body.

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