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Ways To Get Your Man In The Mood!

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Ways To Get Your Man In The Mood!

Getting him in the mood is not a very hard task for you, if you know what you are doing. Each relationship is unique in its own way and you would know your man better than anyone else. But in case you need some help in this department here are some tips to get him in the mood.

Read on to find out all about it.

  1. Bubble bath: Prepare a vanilla scented bubble bath. Studies indicate that the scent of vanilla arouses men. Massage him sensually around the shoulders and pamper him. If you do it right, he will be pulling you in immediately.
  2. Lingerie: Underneath your clothes, there always can lie a wonderful story. Many vouches for the fact that foreplay often excites more than the act and what better way to pep up the foreplay than to work up the lingerie. Innovations on lingerie can always set the mood right, be it the right color, the right texture or the style, the underthings can be the key to an eventful next few hours. Formula has it that laces and radiant colors always earn brownie points.
  3. Conversation: While a large volume of sex advices ordain that the road to a man’s heart is his stomach, the way to his bed may be traced through right conversations. Sharing interests and common perspectives can be a useful mood lifter. While talking dirty may provoke many, many a time, heart to hearts can build up to some of the best moments in bed. Compliments and cheeky retorts could also come handy.
  4. Hints: Sometimes enigma reaps better results than a direct approach. Subtle hints and the thoughtful references work wonder in getting him in the mood. A cosy set up, optimum proximity with a slight tinge of naughtiness is all that you need to perk your partner up. Footsies at dinner tables or the surprise peck while watching TV often gives you a much-needed heads up.
  5. Gestures: Gestures, not moves, often lead to a more satisfying experience. A deep look into his eyes, a soft caress or an assuring touch on the hand helps in lifting his mood tremendously. Sensuous massages and soft gestures are two such gestures that can stimulate your partner beyond belief.
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