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Vampire Face Lift - Know Working Of It!

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Vampire Face Lift - Know Working Of It!

We all crave for that eternally youthful-looking face when we look into the mirror. We all wonder how some celebrities never seem to age at all. The glow and skin does not seem to age at all, and seeing them, the question we have is what is the magic here? The answer lies within themselves, which is their own blood. Using the own blood to maintain youthful looks is one of the most recent techniques in anti-ageing, and this is known as vampire facelift.

How does it work?

  1. The blood is the carrier and supplier of vital nutrients to the entire body. It carries the vital nutrients in a fluid medium called the plasma.
  2. In addition to the nutrients, it also has what are called blood cells (red and white) and growth factors which are essential for regulating growth. By separating out the various components, a high concentration of the growth factors is extracted.
  3. This plasma-rich fluid (PRF) is then injected into specific parts of the face (generally the face, but other parts can also be treated). So, whether a person has sinking eyes or hollow cheeks, they can be managed

Origin and Popularity
This technique was originally used in injured athletes with torn ligaments and joints. By providing a rich supply of nutrients and growth factors, it helps in quicker healing, restoring shape, improving tone, and overall rejuvenation of the injured area. Though not actually an injury, the changes that the face goes through are a part of degeneration with age. Cosmetic surgeons believed the same could be extended to treat the age changes in the face, and so vampire facelift gained popularity.


  1. The first step is to find yourself a well-trained and experienced surgeon
  2. A thorough discussion of how the procedure will happen and what to expect after the procedure. Expectations should be realistically set for both the surgeon and the patient.
  3. What the surgeon can do and what the patient wants should be aligned to achieve the outcomes.
  4. Using historic and current records of the patient (pictures mostly) and using other standard measurements, the desirable outcomes are set down.
  5. In the case of hollow cheeks or under-eye areas, dermal fillers (usually of hyaluronic acid) may be used to create some fullness.
  6. The blood is then extracted and centrifuged to separate the plasma-rich fluid
  7. This is then injected into various predetermined areas of the skin to do the corrections.
  8. This could include younger glowing skin, improved fullness, improved firmness of the skin, etc.
  9. The first session requires about 3 sittings with repeat sessions in about 4 weeks.
  10. It can be repeated annually if required.
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