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Last Updated: Apr 08, 2023

Vaginal Discharge

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Dr. Padmaja MohanGynaecologist • 33 Years Exp.MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DCN -Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, MBBS, Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecologgy


I am Dr. Padmaja Mohan, Gynaecologist. Aaj mai aapse ek bohut hi common topic pe aap se discussion karungi, vaginal discharge. Vagina is a very important part of a female body. It is an organ of passion. We are born out of our mother's womb. We drive sexual pleasure from it. But most of the time, we overlook the problem which is occurring in this part. We have a lot of myths related to vaginal discharge. People will think that any type of vaginal discharge is not normal. Vaginal discharges hone se body se nutrition nikal jata hai. There are many people who will come and meet us OPD and tell they feel a lot of weakness, backache because of vaginal discharges. So, today let me talk a little bit on discharges what is normal and abnormal so that you are aware and if you have any of the problems, you can go to your doctor So, now let's come to vaginal discharge. What is it? Muh me lubrication banana. Ismein good, friendly bacterias hote hain jo humari body ko immunity provide karte hain. Sath hi khane ke pachan mein bhi kaam karte hain. Isi parkar vaginal discharges ek mechanism hai jo humein nature ne provide kiya hai to protect vaina from external bad influences, to prevent it from getting diseases. Vagina ke secretions humare body ke hormones se control hote hain

. And all these hormones are under the influence of the menstrual cycle. So, these discharges will increase or decrease according to the rise and fall of the body. So, you can see your natural discharges will increase prior to menstruation. It can also happen after menstruation, mid-cycle or even when you are sexually excited. How will you find whether this is normal or not? Unknown vaginal discharge will be thin, watery, milky white but will have little odor. Anything which is none of these might be abnormal. Now, what is the composition of the vagina? Where does this vaginal flu arise from? This arises from the secretion of the gland and certain bacteria. So, to have normal discharge is normal and no discharge is abnormal. Vagina mein dryness hona abnormal hai. Vaginal dryness kab hoti hai? Jab humari body mein estrogen hormones kam hone lagte hain. Ye dryness menopause ke around, jo ladies 50-55 saal ki ho jaati hain, unka estrogen decline hone lagta hai ya aap koi aisi medicines kha rahein hai jo estrogen ke against act karti hai, treatment of cancer drugs, especially in the cases where females have breast cancer. Medicines are given at the counteract. Similary, jahan ovaries nikali gayi hoti hain, jinke dwara estrogen production kam ho jaat hai, un cases mein bhi vaginal dryness dekha gaya hai.

Now, we are coming to the 2nd thing. As I have already discussed normal discharge. Let's talk about the color of the discharge. If your discharge is thick, whitish discharge, it is not normal. It is probably due o the fungal infection you are having. It may or may not be associated with itching of vagina, redness, swelling on the private parts. If you have cottage cheese kind of discharge, it is normally because of yeast infection. Greenish discharge is usually because of trichomoniasis. It is a sexually transmitted infection. But discharge which is brownish or reddish in color is also not normal. Iska matlab hai ki andar vagina, cervix or uterus mein kahin se andar se bleeding hai. So, if you have bleeding or brownish discharge, do not take it lightly, go and visit your doctor Most of this vaginal problem are due to sexually transmitted disease. Now, what is it? Ye vo infections hain jo intercourse ke time aap ko transfer ho jaat hai. So, if you have any element of this discharge, you should take your partner along with you to the doctor And discuss the things with doctor Because it is not only you, ho sakta hai ki aap ke partner ko bhi medicines ki jarurat ho. And a very simple way of preventing this problem is use of barriers or condoms. So, in case you are having any of these problems like foul-smelling discharge, thick cheesy discharge, greenish discharge, any itching, bloody discharge, swelling on private parts especially you have acquired after intercourse, please do not take them lightly.

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