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Things To Know About Under Eye Circles

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I am Dr. Kiran from Isya Aesthetics. I am here to talk to you about under-eye circles. Now under-eye circles can be caused by a number of things. First is genetics your mum, your dad, your aunt someone may have given you that genetic pool. You got it, it's okay. We can definitely fix it. Second is Aging. As we age our skin sags and it reveals the hollow under-eye circles. The third is the Sun. Sun can cause pigmentation in the under eye area. Fourth is thin skin. Thin skin shows the vessels under the skin and the vessels can become inflamed. Fifth is your phone. Your phone can also cause under-eye circles. Staring at it too much makes your undereye look worse. Sixth is vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin deficiency can cause also cause under-eye to look bad. Things like iron and B12 are all important vitamins that help keep your blood and health strong. So always check those. You can have multiple reasons for under-eye circles. So it won't be just one, it could be two or three or four, five so that something which needs to be evaluated by somebody who is trained in this. The under-eye skin can be treated in a different ways. If its pigmentation then we can use anti-pigmentation therapy. If it's loose skin then you can use tightening therapies like under-eye rescue which is natural and non-invasive.

These generally takes 6-8 sessions and they are non-invasive and gentle. They involve infusing vitamins and using energy to create collagenous skin to tighten it. So that's all you can do in 6-8 sessions to get general natural reserves. Another option you also have is called fillers or PRP which can be done one session or two session every year or so. These are some options to treat your undereye skin. Have a good day.

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