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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Top 10 Homoeopath In Bangalore

Dr. Rishabh Vyas


7 Years of Experience . 300 at the clinic . 250 online

He is a diabetologist and a thyroid specialist. He is a practicing sexologist and an authority on male sexual dysfunction. He is an expert in infertility and allergies. He has training as a homoeopath. In 2015, he received his Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. He is an active Central Council of Homeopathy member. Classical homeopath Dr. Rishabh Vyas has been in practice for 7 years. Homeopathy is presented in a contemporary and rational light by Dr. Rishabh Vyas. He spends a lot of time researching how homeopathy can be used to treat challenging diseases. He has a great deal of experience treating people suffering from a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Dr. Anjana Minu Rajan, MD


14 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 550 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

He has experience treating patients as a homeopath, as well as working with children as a pediatrician, infertility specialist, thyroid specialist, asthma and allergy condition specialist, practising dermatologist, diabetologist, rheumatologists, and immunologist, as well as being employed as a mental health psychologist. His education includes a degree from BHMS, Lokmanya homeopathic medical college, earned in 2008, and his work experience includes working as a doctor at She has successfully treated all varieties of medical conditions, such as thyroid issues, PCOS, and infertility.

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy

BHMS, MD-Homoeopathy

30 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 500 at clinic  ·  ₹1200 online

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy, MD (Hom), is a highly experienced and well-known homoeopathic physician who has been treating patients for more than three decades. He is recognized worldwide. He is an experienced physician in treatment areas as a homeopath. Psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, persistent bronchial asthma, and thalassemia are only a few of the life-threatening conditions that cannot be cured. These are only a few examples from the extensive list of conditions that have been effectively treated with his contemporary, scientific, and cutting-edge method of homeopathic treatment. He got his education as a BHMS from Dr. Abhin Chandra Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Bhubaneswar, 1992 MD. Homoeopathy-International Classical Homoeopathy Greece-2014. He has experience as Chief Homoeopathy Consultant at Multicare Homoeopathy Hospital. Awards and recognitions Best online Homoeopathy doctor by World Wellness Organisation He is a renowned member of the Homoeopathic Medical Association of India and also a vocal member of the Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association

His successful treatment has built confidence in the mind of many people on homeopathy therapy. He said that to treat a patient is not just to help him feel better, but also to feel his pain, understand how he feels, and respect the trust he has in you.

Dr. T.Kirankumar


26 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 300 - 400 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

Dr. Kiran is a determined person who has aspirations of founding a healthcare company that is welcoming to patients and has a pleasant atmosphere. As a consequence this, 'Positive Homeopathy' has earned a respectable reputation for providing treatments that are consistent, dependable, and effective over an extended period of time. As well as being a homeopath and a general physician who treats skin disorders as a dermatologist, he is also well-known for his work as a sexologist, where he specializes as an infertility specialist, male sexual dysfunction specialist, and gastroenterologist. He is also a homeopath. In all of his therapies, he utilizes both clinical and more traditional methods. His treatment is founded on the clinical research he has conducted and the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of the past two decades of practicing medicine. He has demonstrated via his therapy that homeopathy is effective and provides superior outcomes in many ailments, in both acute and chronic situations, than the conventional treatment that is typically used. BHMS–Gulbarga University Year of Establishment: 1996 He puts in effort around the clock to revitalize homeopathic societies and form new associations that would promote homeopathy in the public sphere and serve to govern it.

Dr. Babitha Jayapal


29 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 200 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

Dr. Babitha Jayapal is a skilled homeopathic practitioner who serves as a companion, philosopher, and guide to all of her patients. She has witnessed homeopathy perform miracles on mental, physical, and emotional levels. She has treated patients of varying complexity and has extensive experience treating both acute and chronic disorders renowned member of the Institute For Advanced Studies In Homoeopathy. Treatment modalities include Siddha, Diabetologist, allergist, allergist, allergist, immunologist Dermatologist Cosmetologist, or Dermatologist. Specialist in Asthma Specialist in Women's Health Gastroenterologist Proctologist Thyroid Specialist Training BHMS-Dhondumama Sathe Homeopathic Medical College, Pune, was founded in 1993. Previous Experience Garden City Homeopathic Clinic Proprietor, BTM Consultant at Acharya Memorial Clinic, Gandhi Bazar Professional Memberships Institute For Advanced Studies In Homoeopathy

Dr. Amrita Dewan

BHMS, B.Sc-Botany, MSc-Counselling & Family Therapy

15 Years of Experience   300 at the Clinic 450 online

Homeopathy Doctor, along with other fields of therapy having Education in homoeopathy, general medicine, thyroidology, childbirth education, and child nutritionist BHMS from SJN Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital in Assam, India, in 2012 Bachelor of Science in Botany from Handique Girls College in Guwahati, India, in 2007, Master of Science in Counseling and Family Therapy from IGNOU in Bangalore, India, in 2018 Instead of merely being a practise, homoeopathy is more of a way of life for me. The knowledge that my recommendations and the patient's medication are successfully addressing their issues brings a sense of fulfilment to my life. The ability to immediately enhance the health and well-being of my patients as well as the chance to cultivate professional and humanitarian ties with them is my favourite aspect of becoming a doctor.

Dr. Josie Joy A


24 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 150 - 200 at clinic

He is an authority in many therapeutic modalities. In addition to that, he is also a diabetologist. He is a well-known specialist in the fields of thyroid disorders as well as infertility. In addition to that, he is an accomplished homoeopath and headache specialist. There are hundreds of people who can attest to the quality of his treatment and who have written their own personal stories about how they have benefited from his treatment on the testimonial part of his website. A Specialist in Endocrinology and Allergy and Immunology His education includes working as a BHMS (Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-1998); BHMS-Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; He is a senior experienced homoeopathic doctor for thyroid and hairfall infertility, ovary cysts, diabetes, obesity, piles, migraines, etc. at Care n Cure homeo clinic; His specialties include treating patients with thyroid problems and There are commendable accomplishments in the homoeopathic medical system that are rewarded with awards and other forms of recognition. The health excellence award was given for the recipient's remarkable contribution to the homoeopathic medical system. The Jankalyan Sadbhavna award is given to recognise exceptional service to homeopathy.

Dr. Sheeja M.


23 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 350 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

Dr. Sheeja Medhar is both a general practitioner and a homoeopath, and she treats patients in the Old Madras Road region. He has a combined total of 23 years of experience in the aforementioned domains, and he is a member of the Anthroposophic Medical Society in Bangalore. Niramayah is located on Old Madras Road in Bangalore, and Dr. Sheeja Medhar practises there. Her objective is to establish homoeopathy and homoeopaths as legitimate players in the field of medicine and healthcare. Since the first Positive Homeopathy Clinic was established, there has been an increase in the level of regard that the medical world has for homoeopathy. Positive Homeopathy has been able to successfully integrate into the public health system as a standard choice of clinics as a direct result of her efforts. 

Dr. Nagendra Babu Pogula

BHMS, M.D., Assistant Professor

9 Years of Experience 100-200 at the Clinic, 100 online

A specialist in paediatric infectious illness, a specialist in child nutrition, and an addiction specialist. Psychiatrists, physicians specializing in genitourinary and infectious diseases, psychotherapists, etc. A Specialist in Child Maltreatment He specializes in the care of young patients' hearts. In addition to that, he is an expert in breast cancer. Aside from that, he is widely known as an expert on headaches. In addition to that, he is an expert in the field of birthing education. In addition to that, he is widely recognized as an authority on skin cancer. A Family Medicine Specialist, a Dermatologist or Cosmetologist, a Gynecologist who specializes in Pain Management, and/or an Anorectal Disorder Specialist. An Expert in Pediatric Pain Medicine, an ENT/Otolaryngologist, a Cosmetologist, and a Specialist in Parathyroid Conditions Geriatric Neurologist Specialists Obstetrician & Gynecologist Education for Specialists in Sickle Cell and Other Forms of Anemia BHMS-Bhagawan Buddha Homoeopathic Medical College-2013 M.D-Bharatesh Homeopathic Medical College-2015 Assistant Professor-Royal Homeopathy Medical College And Hospital-2018 Past Experience as a Doctor at Sri Mahima Multispeciality Homoeopathic Clinic BHMS-Bhagawan Buddha Homoeopathic Medical College-2013 M.D.-Bharatesh Homeopathic Medical College-2015. 

Dr. Merlin Patrao


14 Years Experience ·  ₹300 online

She is an expert physician in the treatment areas as a General Physician as well as an expert Diabetologist also working with female individuals as a Gynaecologist, she is also a Dermatologist treating the disorders of Gastroenterologist she is also an Urologist she is also an Endocrinologist she is also an expert Homeopath, she received her clinical Education BHMS, PGDCR  from Rajiv Gandhi University. She is an expert Homeopath. 2008. 





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