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Last Updated: May 23, 2024

Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines For Your Child!

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Dr. Ritu SinghHomeopathy Doctor • 21 Years Exp.BHMS
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Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines For Your Child!

Becoming a parent completely changes your world. You are more concerned about your kids health, their safety, diet and hygiene. All you want to provide them is best of everything. Now a days parents are aware of the side effects caused by conventional medicines. Hence most of the parents opt for safe and natural way of treating even minor ailments.

Homeopathic medicines are the most safest and side effect free compared to other holistic treatment available. Hence millions of the parents across the globe prefer homeopathy over any other mode of treatment for their kids. Due to the safety these medicines provide, it is ideal treatment option for infants, toddlers and older children. 

Homeopathy medicines are effective in treating various symptoms that a child faces. It could be allergies, simple cold, fever, infantile colic, constipation, earaches, dentition problems or even behavioural disorders, homeopathy has a cure for all. The medicines work on strengthening the immunity and hence keep illnesses away. 

Here are the top 10 homeopathic medicines you can keep it with you to deal with minor health issues if your child

1) Aconitum napellus

  • sudden high fever with a red dry face and lots of anxiety
  • croup attack in the middle of the night

2) Allium cepa

  • colds or allergies with lots of sneezing, itchy, watery runny nose and watery eyes

3) Apis mellifica

  • any rash that is itchy, red, and stinging and feels better with an ice pack on it (insect bites, hives, sunburn)

4) Arnica

  • the #1 medicine for any ache, bruise, sprain, head bonk, or trauma of any sort. A must in any parents diaper bag or backpack!
  • also great for use topically as a cream or gel (just don't apply to cuts or scrapes as it can be irritating to open skin)

5) Arsenicum album

  • the #1 medicine for vomiting and diarrhea from stomach flu or food poisoning with weakness and anxiety
  • asthma attacks in the middle of the night

6) Belladonna

  • sudden high fever with clammy, bright red face and agitation. Your child may even be a little delirious.

7) Chamomilla

  • teething pain with lots of irritability and crankiness. There may be associated ear pain, green diarrhea, and lowgrade fever

8) Ferrum phosphoricum

  • the #1 medicine to start when your child has an earache
  • low-grade fevers that come on slowly at the start of any illness

9) Hepar sulphuris (for this medicine, please use a 30c dilution)

  • swimmer's ear
  • anything with pus (earaches with thick pus behind the eardrum, abscesses or boils, etc.)
  • stinging sore throat as though there were a splinter stuck in it

10) Nux vomica

  • upset tummy from too many sweets or indulgences, vomiting helps your child feel better
  • anger and irritability with difficulty sleeping when really stressed (i. E, when school demands are too high)
  • colds or allergies with lots of sneezing, itchy, watery runny nose and watery eyes

Some guidelines to remember-

I recommend dilution of 30c. In general, though the potency selected depend on your child's symptoms


  • will be same for all age:- 3 pellets 
  • repetition of dosage depends on the severity of illness. For hives, you may be giving the pellets every 1/2-1 hour, whereas for a bruised shin you may be giving pellets 2-3x/day.
  • try to give the pellets away from food and drink by at least 15-20 minutes. But don’t worry if that doesn’t happen – it still works! the main thing to avoid is minty foods, drinks or toothpaste close to taking the medicines.

You are on your way to make your own homeopathic kit!
Be sure to check with your paediatrician if you child continues to have fever for more than 2 days, if the child is acting confused, if he/she has any breathing troubles, or if he/she looks dehydrated or is in severe pain.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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