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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The Only 4 Moves That Strengthen Your KNEES

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Dr. Mohd AlimPhysiotherapist • 22 Years Exp.M.P.T. (Neuro), BPTh/BPT
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4 exercises to strengthen your knees

Knee pains and pains in the joints are not restricted to a certain age group anymore. Younger people of today face this problem too. To stay active all your life and escape the severe aches associated with weakening of muscles, joint pains or arthritis, you must start now. The only way to keep your knees fine and working is to exercise.
4 moves that help you strengthen your knees.
1. Leg lifts (inner thigh) - lie on any one side, lay your head on the arm of the side below you. Make sure this hand is straight above your head, touching the ground. Keep your legs straight, one above the other. Lift the leg on top a few inches above, hold for few seconds and bring it back. Do this for 10 times and then with the other leg, on the other side. This exercise strengthens your inner thighs, eventually strengthening the knees.
2. Hip raises: lie flat on your back, your shoulders touching the ground. Bend your legs comfortable, your feet resting firmly on the ground. Raise your hips and thighs so that from your head to feet, you form an angle. Wait in this position for about 10 seconds, lower your hip until it touches the ground. Repeat for ten counts.
3. Lunges: stand straight. Take a step ahead with your right leg. Left leg remains in its place. With your back straight, bend your knees so that both are at 90 degrees. Go back to standing position; take your right leg back to where it was. Do the same step with your left leg. Repeat both sides ten times.
4. Bent leg extensions: this is pretty easy and all that you need to do it sit on a chair comfortably, with your back straight first. Your feet firmly flat on the ground in front of you, lift the right leg straight extending to the front. Make sure your thighs stay on the chair. Bring your leg back to the original position, firmly planted on the ground. Do the same with your left leg. Repeat 10 times on both sides.
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