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Squint - A Brief About It

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MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology, DNB - Ophthalmology, ICO
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Hello friends,

I am Dr. Nikhil Nasta. In today's video I am going to talk about a problem called squint. This is when your eyes are looking in different directions, you know some people 1 eyes looking here, one eyes looking here, when they talk to you, you don't know main is aankh mein dekh raha hoon ki is aankh mein dekh raha hoon , it is so embarrassing, embarrassing for you then imagine how it is for the person who has that problem. People don't know which eye to look at sometimes when that person blinks suddenly he is looking at you with the other eye so bad, so confusing and so embarrassing. It's a cosmetic very very embarrassing problem. Can we deal with this? Of course we can, what we need to do is, this problem is called a squint. Now why this happen is there is a tug of war between the muscles of the eye, one eye muscles are telling you go to the right, the other eye muscles are telling you go to the left. Our eyes are supposed to work like a bullock cart, you know those bail-gadi where they have a lakda and the back of the bail and both the guys will move in the same direction our eyes have to work like that. In the case of the squint imagine there is a divorce, your one eye say I want to do this and the other say no I want to do that, that's the problem it can be sorted very easily, there is a solution for this, call for a mutual compromise.

How do you do that? come to an eye doctor, who will evaluate what is the problem? Is such a compromise even possible? if both of your eyes have good vision which is left in them then this eyes can be aligned just like you are tightening your belt, we will tighten one muscle, we will loosen one muscle, fine tune the entire balance so that in a primary position both of your eyes will simultaneously see the same object at the same time and your cosmetic problem is sorted, this problem can be sorted by the surgery, we loosen the eye a little bit on one side, we tighten the muscle a little bit on the other side and it can be cured. In some children, young babies they are born with the squint and the mother and the father very anxious about what will happen to my child? why has this happened in him or her? in the case of the young child many a times it is as simple as giving proper glass numbers and you will see the beauty some of these babies just wearing these glasses will correct completely and then they need not get any surgery done, remember one thing squint is a highly technical and highly specialised calculated surgery, calculated problem. It can only be handled by a squint expert, There are hospital near you which have these guys on the panel, visit them and get the correct treatment and live a healthy happy life, all the best, make a wise decision and live your dream. If you like the videos like that and you want to watch a few more please log on

Thank you.

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