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Painful feet! What an absolute curse that is! Especially as it is not exactly an easy part of one’s anatomy to rest, not unless you are adept at walking around on your hands!

Metatarsalgia literally means pain in the ‘metatarsals’, which are your toes and the long bones of your forefoot. The pain occurs after periods of weight bearing, whether running, walking or even standing. The pain can be very intense and burning in nature, and occurs across the top of your foot at the base of your toes, and only really ceases when you take the weight off your feet.

Tips for SORE FEET
- Look at your footwear. Have your shoes collapsed at the sides, thereby reducing their support? If so treat yourself to a new pair!

- Do you wear high heels for most of the day? Try wearing lower heels and also go bare-foot in the evenings to give your feet a break!

- Try to exercise your feet by drawing your toes towards your heel and therefore raising the supportive arches of your feet.

- Stretch out your calf muscle; a tight calf can radically influence the performance of your feet and also lower leg.

- Also strengthen your calf by rising up and down on your tiptoes.

- Gently massage the tender tissues of your foot.

- Apply ice to the area if hot and swollen.

- If all else fails, seek advice from a physiotherapist.
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