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I am Dr. Ashwini Vivek Mulye, Ayurveda. Today I will give healthy tips regarding skin lightening. Nowadays we see so many film stars and sportsperson enlightening the skin lightening products through ads and campaigns. Do we really know what these products contain? Many a time they assure us the good and glowing skin. But they may contain a lot of side-effects. Sometimes they contain mercury which is also used for skin lightening but it has got the effect of the hazard on the kidney and the brain.

Also, steroids are used. They will temporarily give you a good glow but the skin becomes thin and produces a lot of irritation and redness. So, it is always better to consult a dermatologist and use a proper skincare product to protect the skin from pigmentation and UV rays. We have a natural sun protection formula which is called as skin umbrella, the skin naturally turns black which we call it as tan. This protects the body from the UV rays and protects us from skin cancer. But unwanted pigmentation on the skin due to hormones can be prevented by uses of cream and gels with proper consultation. Also, good sleep is very important along with a healthy diet. Now about acne. It is a very common condition. It is a very common condition in youngsters.

Excessive of androgens during the puberty and teenage releases an excess of sebum production. Sebum is an oliy discharge on the face in which the dirt or the polluted content gets clogged which results in the formation of acne. Sometimes, due to itching and touching the acne they become red, scaly with a lot of bacteria and infection. The other reason is PCOS. Also improper exposure to dusty and dry weather, a lot of pollution, these all are the reasons of getting acne. So, for prevention, you should exercise. Increase of sweat also removes the dirt from the pores and it remains free from the sebum. Also, 8-10 hours of sleep, good diet, avoid oily food, fried food, and junk item prevents the acne. Avoid using the continuous use of chemicals over the face. Along with this, you keep a healthy and do yoga, meditations. This will keep your mental health healthy.

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