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Six easy Exercises For Aches And Pains

Dr. Gaurav Tyagi 91% (146 ratings)
BPT, MPT- Ortho
Physiotherapist, Gurgaon  •  11 years experience
Six easy Exercises For Aches And Pains

Aches and pains are often dismissed and left untreated for prolonged durations, unless there appear to be severe disruptions in one’s daily routine. These pains and aches may serve as the first indication of something bigger, which is the reason that even minor pains must be diagnosed without losing any time. Often pains and aches, if diagnosed at early stages, can be treated using specific exercises, as recommended by physiotherapists. These exercises can be executed at any time of the day in a regular life, irrespective of the venue, time or environment an individual is in. They are meant to improve overall flexibility of muscles and joints, as well as improve body functions.

  1. Rotations of the lower trunk: Bend your knees, rotate them in a to and fro motion such that the lower half of your body from the pelvis actually moves. This exercise should be done while you lie on your back.
  2. Side stretch: Lie down on one side and pull the upper leg ankle towards the back with the upper hand. While performing this move, it should be ensured that you apply pressure on your thigh with your lower leg ankle.
  3. Cat and camel: Arch your back towards the ceiling and the floor alternately after a fixed duration (for eg. 5 to 15 seconds), while keeping your body on your hands and knees.
  4. Straight leg raise: Raise your leg upright, i.e. without bending, and point your toes upwards, while you are sitting up or lying on your back.
  5. Hamstring stretch: If you wish to relieve yourself of low back pain, lie flat on your back, lift your leg and hold the back of your knee using both hands. This can be repeated about 8-12 times a day for quick relief.
  6. Brace marching: This exercise suggests that you lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Raise your foot from the ground alternately such that your upper half of the body above the pelvis does not move.

Other exercises for addressing pains and aches:

Though there are a lot of other exercises available for addressing pains and aches. Yoga provides another simple approach. Poses such as the Cobra pose, Butterfly or Supported Warrior are especially helpful in addressing pains in joints beneath the pelvis. A great benefit of Yoga is the prospect of mental serenity and improved system functions such as respiratory and digestive functions. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Physiotherapist.

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