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Sexual Dysfunction - Know More About It

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Dr.Anirban Biswas 93% (1344ratings)
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My name is Dr. Anirban Biswas. After the last talk about how to increase your height & how to loose weight today we are dealing with another good topic on sexual dysfunction. So there are a few questions which I going to answer. What are the types of sexual dysfunction in males? So the first type is erectile dysfunction in which the organ doesn’t get hard enough to penetrate. The second is premature ejaculation in which there is ejaculation soon after starting of sexual intercourse and doesn’t last that long. And 3rd is loss of libido or the lack of sexual drive. So the causes are hormonal, less testosterone level which is the main male hormone in the body. Second is drugs like anti depressant anti psychotics anti hypertensive. Yes, antihypertensive is also important. Most of us they will say that blood pressure ki bimari hain and they will take whatever medicines they find from a local chemist but do you know that 70% of patients of blood pressure can get erectile dysfunction because of antihypertensive drugs?

So this is another thing which needs to be taken into consideration. Blood pressure itself diabetes one of the leading causes nowadays because India is the diabetic capital of the world so diabetes causes neuropathy and it leads to lack of sexual drive as well as ED as well as PE. Smoking & alcohol yes these can cause vascular disturbances and psychological because of the modern stress & anxiety depression, then any past history of sexual trauma and marital disharmony all these things can lead to this is one of the big causes. Because we see more & more people have psychosexual related sexual decline. And last is surgery this is also seen in some cases of prostrate or other bladder cancer or bladder surgery. So the diagnosis is based on mainly 3 things first is the hormone analysis which needs to be done. Second is if the vascular anatomy needs to be evaluated then we need to go for penile Doppler and third is psychosexual or the psychological analysis which is another important thing.

This can be done through cross referrals across a physician endocrinologist and psychologist or psychiatrist and sometimes even a urologist comes to play. The treatment is mainly medicines there are phosphodiesterase inhibitors like sildenaphil viagara you know very well sabko pata hain so that is a important medicine which can be used in such diseases. Then hormone replacement therapy like lack of testosterone we can add testosterone or aajkal aise dawaiyan bhi aagayi hain jo direct testosterone ko jagah indirectly testosterone ka level barhati hain. So aise dawaiyan bhi hum de saktey hain patients ko. And psychological therapy which is again provided by either psychiatrist or psychologist after the diagnosis have been made, which sometimes lead to no medicines at all. You don’t require any medicines just counseling sessions with the psychologist or psychiatrist can help. And this is indeed have been proven in various studies.

And the 4th is other methods like vacuum & penile implants which are surgical or mechanical. So these are the ways by which we can treat sexual dysfunction. The question arises whether sexual dysfunction infertility or sterility is the same – No it is not. Infertility is basically not able to produce children but it has nothing to do with sexual dysfunction, the patient may be sexually potent but he may be not able to produce children. So that is another aspect for which comprehensive analysis of the male & the female partner should be done. So with this, I hope you have learned well in today’s topic and I will be waiting for your queries and questions and will be very happy to answer them. So if you have any queries or if you want to book an appointment with me regarding your sexual queries then you can please book the appointment through Lybrate. Thank you and stay well stay healthy.


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