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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Sex Facts Every Woman Needs To Know By The Time She Is 30

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Dr. Shiwani AgarwalGynaecologist • 23 Years Exp.DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MBBS
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Sex tips every woman needs to know by the time she is 30
Thirty is more or less the age by which you can consider yourself a woman of the world. You have toiled hard to get into a comfortable space at work and are into a stable relationship as well. An important aspect to not ignore is your sexual life. Be equipped with the right ideas and ways to enjoy that aspect of your life.

Some facts and tips for the women of today.

1. Safety is foremost: meaningless hookups or otherwise - you cannot be careless; safety must be your priority. 

2. Express yourself: men are bad at guessing. They will not be able to guess what you like and how you like it. Tell the man exactly what you expect.

3. Live in the moment: a quickie is never a bad idea. Having frequent sex has its perks for your mood as well as overall health. An impromptu quickie will only put a spring to your steps.

4. Watch each other pleasuring self: it is not just for visual appeal, it is in fact educative - you get to study exactly what type of touch, speed, grip, etc gives him the most pleasure. He gets to know the same about you.

5. Take the initiative: most men like being shown that they are desired too. Why should he always initiate sex. Take the lead.

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