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Sex Education - How Vital Is It In Schools?

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Sex Education - How Vital Is It In Schools?

Sex education in Indian schools has always been a subject of controversy. In India, sex education is only a part of the curriculum and the implementation is still a distant thought. Not many schools in India understand the importance of sex education and still consider it as a taboo. It is important that people break this mental block and talk about the importance of sex education in today’s world.

Why is sex education important?
The kids in their teens can be highly unpredictable, they love to experiment and take the risk which makes them more vulnerable to making mistakes. Sex education can help them in developing a sense of responsibility and also expose the youngsters to their body images, intimacy, sexual expression, gender identity, marriage relationship and family responsibility. This, in turn, will help them make an informed decision later in life.

Why is sex education in India considered a sensitive problem?
Our nation is a coalesce of different cultures, languages, religions, food and several such factors. The sheer diversity of Indian culture that is spread across the geographical extent of the nation is itself a threat of its own. And as the topic is quite sensitive, every single geographical boundary should take sincere steps for improving the value system.

Contrary to popular misconception, sex education is not really limited to sex or birth control. In fact, it is the most crucial education to be imparted to an individual who is entering into his or her teens. It is important to address the potential confusion that is bound to be related to the psychological and physiological alterations which start setting in during the adolescent years.

Tips to impart sex education to youngsters:

  1. It should be made mandatory in both Government and Private schools and cover all aspects of sex education.
  2. The study material should deal with risky behaviours among teens that includes physical abuse, sexual abuse leading to early and unwanted pregnancies, forced sex and indulgence in pornography.
  3. The curriculum should cover unethical aspects of such risky behaviour.
  4. The education will provide the necessary knowledge of methods of contraception and how they are important.
  5. A huge section of the population in India falls below the poverty line and do not have access to schools. In such cases, alternative methods of education such as health camps and film screenings can help.
  6. Proper sex education can help them understand the importance of personal hygiene which is a great cause of concern in India.
  7. Teachers and parents should take the responsibility of educating the youngsters about the different aspects of sex as proper information is the best way to put their inquisitive thoughts to rest.
  8. Prejudice and biases prevent one from understanding the importance of sex education. Every youth must undertake this venture as a responsibility and not just as a curriculum.

Sex education is a critical but sensitive aspect of education where the content of this type of curriculum requires to take into account the various cultural, regional and religious sentiment within the framework of the law and constitution. Sex education is taken as a serious subject in many countries and it is important for our country as well to take steps in improving the perception of this taboo subject.

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