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Psychosomatic Disorder

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Dr.Hemesh Thakur 89% (687ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi  •  27years experience
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Hello, my name is Dr Hemesh Thakur, I am practising homoeopathy since 1994. I would like to talk about the psychosomatic problem, today. So let’s see the first try to understand the psychosomatic problems. Psychosomatic problem is of two words psycho and somatic, psycho stands for mental playing and somatic stands for a body. So we have so many problems that we get irritated, frustration anger and so many things which causes a problem on our body. So I am here to treat those psychosomatic problems in depth, so in homoeopathic system medicine, we try to understand the patient in depth on emotional, mental or physical pain to understand their problem deeply because so many diseases are treated by disease-specific treatment. But homoeopathy is the patient's specific system medicine where we treat the individual patient with direct connect the loopeploe. So also I do the counselling techniques with homoeopathy to know the real cause of the problem, to find out the actual, appropriate homoeopathic remedy to treat them effectively for a permanent cure. So please visit us for the treatment of your problems and feel free to consult us.

Thank you very much.

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