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PRP Treatment For Hair Growth

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Dr.Sumit Agrawal 88% (89ratings)
MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  21years experience
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Hello everybody,

I am Dr. Sumit Agrawal. Today, I would be discussing PRP treatment for hair growth, PRP or platelet-rich plasma is now one of the most common non-surgical procedures for hair growth. Although PRP has been used as a treatment by orthopaedic surgeons since many decades for osteoarthritis and knee pain, of late its use has been found in hair fall and hair thinning treatment also. It is very good at controlling the hair fall and improving the thickness of the hair in the top area.

In PRP treatment your own blood is aspirated and then processed into concentrated serum, which is rich in growth factors and then these growth factors rich serum is injected into your scalp by multiple tiny pricks. It is a lunch hour procedure done under local anaesthesia. In general 3 sessions are advisable at monthly intervals and then again PRP sessions can be repeated after a gap of 4 to 6 months for maintaining the results.

Now, how do PRP works? PRP, basically they are multiple growth factors inside the PRP serum, these growth factors when injected into the scalp, these growth factors stimulate stem cells in the hair bulk and once these stem cells are stimulated these stem cells push hair into the growth phase which is also known as anagen phase, so the existing hairs are pushed into the growth phase which ultimately leads to decrease in the hair fall and improvement in the thickness of the existing hair. If you complete the treatment you get long-lasting results, but yes PRP has effect only on the thinned out hair, it does not make any appreciable improvement in the bald area or the frontal hairline receding where the roots are already dead.

So PRP is good and helpful in improving the thickness of the existing hairs and even after PRP you have to continue your multivitamin tablets and serums to maintain results. The recovery after PRP is quite uneventful there may be some swelling on the forehead next day but it settles down very quickly.

Apart from that PRP is also done during the time of hair transplant, it helps quite in speeding up the healing process after the transplant surgery, it can also be used as a storage solution for the hair grafts during the procedure. So PRP as such is a quite useful procedure for the hair restoration, for hair growth and since it's your own blood which is injected into the scalp, it is quite safe and there are no allergic reactions to that. Nowadays PRP is even done for the face, skin because of its multiple uses.

So dear friends this is all about the PRP. In case you have more queries you can contact us at

Thank you.

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