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Poor posture - How To Correct It?

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Physiotherapist, Mumbai
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Hello friends!

My name is Dhananjay. Today I am going to talk about bad posture and how to correct it. A significant number of people are suffering from adverse consequences of bad posture yet do not alter these factors which give them the problems. Researchers believe that being in a poorly postured manner while you are standing, sitting or resting put you at risk of various back problems and joint and muscle issues. So if you have not taken care of your posture this is the time you should be aware of it and take care of it. How poor posture is defined? A poor posture is in which your body is positioned irregularly, your spinal curvatures are altered which leads to excessive stresses on your vertebrae, your muscles and your joints which leads to plethora of health problems.

So the problems that arises due to bad posture are neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain and long-standing neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain can lead to the development of tension in the muscles around your head, leads to headache. Other possibilities may include leg pain which includes your hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain. Physiotherapy is a perfect cure for your posture problem. A skilled physiotherapist can help you evaluate and diagnose your postural traits and help you correct your posture in which your back is straight, your chest is in and out and your abdomen is perfectly tucked in. A physiotherapist uses various techniques such as manual therapy, soft tissue release, Pilates, and corrective exercises to improve your flexibility and strength. I will demonstrate to you a few exercises and cues to correct your sitting posture. So to correct your sitting posture you go all the way behind and sit with your back in contact with the back rest of your chair.

Sit erect, your tummy tucked in properly, your shoulder blades squeezed behind and hold them there for 5 seconds and relax. Then your chin tuck in, hold your chin straight and tuck it in and then relax. This is how you can correct your spine posture and your hands rested on the hand rest of a chair. This is how you can correct your sitting posture. Make sure your feet are also supported by sitting in your posture. If you are working in front of your desk you can pull your chair inside the desk and make sure that your screen level is at a high level so no excessive strain is coming on your neck. This is how you can correct your sitting posture. Hope you understood all the exercises and tips to improve your posture.

Thank you for watching!

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