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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Physiotherapy For Back Pain

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Hello all,

 This is Dr. Nilesh Makwana. I have done my specialization in spine and various other certification from different institute which is regarding spine, sports science and sports physiotherapy. Our centre at Worli we are located just beside Poddar hospital on Annie Besant road. You can get in touch with us via all the online digital platforms. This heal institute is running since 2012 and we are specialized in sports medicine and sports physiotherapy sessions.

Spine is basically one if the most flexible structure in our body. Spine is basically of S shape, so S for spine, S for S-shape and we need to actually work on the spine flexibility day in and day out. When I see many of my patients having squared back posture or flat back posture due to some of the variations in terms of their work habits, their strengthen conditioning or their gym habits, they are actually having lot of back issues and lower back pain so we try to deal with them in a particular way where they are able to lift the amount of pounds they used to be with proper rehabilitation under our guidance. I have been treating this cases since last 5 years now and I have seen many great improvements right from chronic spine disease to some of the chronic debilitative spine disorders which is like having pain since 15-20 years. So any spine related issues that you want to get in touch with, you can touch with me at heal institute.


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