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Last Updated: Jan 02, 2023

Physiotherapy - All About It!



I am Dr. Tanaya Sarnaik, Physiotherapist. The moment I say that I am a physiotherapist, people ask what is it and what comes in physiotherapy? So, today I would like to mention what exactly comes under physiotherapy? We treat the cardiological, neurological. musculoskeletal and respiratory system. When you visit a physiotherapist, they will do the entire assessment which involves pain intensity, range of motion of your joints ad muscular strength of your joint. The entire consultation is done along with the final diagnosis of your condition and accordingly, the treatment protocol is set. Under physiotherapy, it is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 involves the reduction of pain by using passive treatments. In this, we involve different modalities that help in reducing your pain at a greater extent. It is done by IFT, TENS, ultrasound, CPM and traction machine.

So, these various modalities are used in the treatment. We work on your range of motion and overall joint mobility which is done by a technique which is known as manual therapy. This is done by a physiotherapist to improve soft tissue mobility. Now I will show all the equipment and the machines which are used in physiotherapy including phase 1 and 2. In phase 1 and IFT, we give currents which help in reducing the pain. We also use TENS which has the same modalities as IFT. Ultrasound also is used to reduce the pain but the localized one which has a particular tender point. In electrical nerve stimulator, like in paralysis, this machine is being used to activate the muscles and also to degenerate the nerves which have lost their actions.

Now about CPM, we basically aim to improve the motion of the knee joint. When the motion of the knee joint is restricted then we use this machine. Now another modality is SWD which consists of 2 electrical pads which help in reducing your pain. Now in phase 2, we will be aiming the functionality of the affected muscles. So, the different types of equipment which are used to improve mobility include the weight cuffs which helps in improving muscle strength. We even have the finger exerciser. In case there is the issue with wrist or fingers, then these helps in improving the functionality. We also have the balance board which improves your balance. We have a form roller. This helps in improving the muscles and muscles tightness.

And also in cases where you have muscles soreness, the home roller works best. We also have medical tapes which help in sports injury which can also be used in other skeletal issues. This helps in joint mobility and flexibility as well as getting back to sports. Then we have balls which are again used for balance. We have therapy bands also which works upon your intensity and used for upper limb muscular strength. Different color indicates a different intensity. Then we have a shoulder wheel which is given in cases of your shoulder stiffness and reduce range of motion shoulder at your shoulder joint. Once pain and swelling resulting in your reduction movements are achieved then the physiotherapy moves on phase 2 which involves the functionality of the muscles. This is done by improving your muscles strength. So, the different equipment involves a swiss ball, shoulder wheel, weight cuffs, rollers, yoga mats which are given as per your condition and treatment protocol. Then further we can improve the muscles mobility which can help in the motion of the joint. Tapes help in many sports injury. Kneeling can also be done to reduce the pain.

Thank You.

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