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Orgasm - How Can You Delay Yours?

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Orgasm - How Can You Delay Yours?

As Indian society is becoming more and liberal, men and women, young and old want to know about the best methods through which they can enhance their sexual pleasure. Most of these are related to delaying an orgasm.  There are five proven methods to accomplish it, but first we need to understand a bit more about orgasm. 

How long does it take to orgasm?

The length varies for men and women, with women orgasming much later than men because men are biologically designed to help perpetuate the human species, with women acting as reproductive machines. However, societal changes have made people prefer sex as a means of enjoyment and not just reproduction. In general, it takes women 14 minutes to orgasm, and men 3.

5 Ways to delay an orgasm

  1. Relax during sex. An excited man is more likely to climax sooner. Men must remember that the ability to relax becomes stronger with age.
  2. Do not masturbate as much because, while it trains men what to expect in terms of sexual pleasure, it also causes them to climax earlier. Excessive masturbation sensitizes the penis making it less effective at control and more likely to climax and ejaculate earlier.
  3. Eat healthy because it dramatically improves a man’s sex life. This means avoiding fatty foods, caffeine, and prescription and illegal drugs as much as possible. It also means regular exercise and regular consumption of a lot of leafy green vegetables and fruits.
  4. Use natural ejaculation control techniques to control and lengthen time to orgasm.
  5. Take copious amounts of safe and natural herbal supplements to replenish the chemicals, hormones, and nutrients necessary to optimize sexual performance and delay time to orgasm. These supplements also support penile health and size. These supplements strengthen the body’s nerve system which controls penile stimulation and delays time to orgasm.

By following the five techniques mentioned above, it is possible for even men who have the most trouble satisfying their women in bed, and who are the worst sexual performers to have a great sex life. Since a great sex life improves overall emotional relationships, this means that the men will have better quality lives, and will be happier in the long-run. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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