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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatment

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Dr. Monisha KapoorCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 22 Years Exp.MBBS, MS, MCH-Plastic Surgery


I am Dr. Monisha Kapoor, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. I do a lot of non-surgical operations for my patients. I am also a member of the American Society of aesthetic plastic surgeons. I have got all the world's best technology in aesthetic non-surgical to take care of my patients. We will be doing short QnA because I get a lot of patients from Delhi and all over India who goes to all different kind of people to get their skin and body care totally messed up and I am there to take care of all the complications. This is an awareness video where I will tell that what and all thing you need to take care so that you are not gonna fooled.

Q1: How to choose where to go and which doctor to choose? Ans: Many centres are there who all are being operated by the cooperated people and the basic aim is to earn money. So, this is one of the very few centres that is headed by Dr herself. Our main aim is to give the right kind of treatment. We take care of the facility and the patient's safety which comes first.

Our main aim is not to sell the treatment but to make sure that the treatment whatever we offer is gonna really work on the patient and patient gets advantage on whatever we do. I have traveled all over the world and shortlisted a few of the technologies that work. I have omitted technologies that do not work. A lot of pharma companies pressure also, marketing, advertising, media that plays a role to create wrong notions into people's mind. Like few of the treatment is gonna give you the tight face but actually, it does not happen. I have seen so many patients who have undergone a lot of surgeries but still, they are not satisfied. But still, people are getting fooled into this trap. So, as a surgeon, I have been trained to see the result on the table.

Q2: So, I assume that being a plastic surgeon, you only do surgical procedures. Do you also do non-surgical procedures? Ans: We all Drs do M.B.B.S and after this, we do 3 years of M.S. so that our hands are good in surgeries. After this, we do specialization in plastic surgeries. In this, we not only study to cut the skin but also various layers of the skin. So, being a plastic surgeon we know how deep the skin, fat layer, muscles are. Where we will find the bone? So, for us, non-surgical procedures are like a cup of tea. It is easy for us. Cosmetic surgery is a very difficult kind of training. It is also called super specialization. So, it is beyond a master degree. We have a better understanding of the skin. We put more hours into understanding the things.

Q3: I am 29 years old. What all options do I have for my skin and body care? Ans: As a 29-year-old lady, you need to take care of your skin. Skin care starts when a person is 10 years old. Till 10 years your skin is healthy. You don't need any kind of care at that point in time. After 10 years of age, the damage is more than healing. So, you need something to counter the damage because of pollution, UV light or whatever you are eating and lifestyle. So, you have to see topically and internally. So, this kind of care is very important and you should start after 10 years age. And everyone should be guided that how to take care of the skin. Start a skin care regimen. Skin care doesn't mean to clean and moisturize. Moisturizers are not at all good for the skin.

Because our skin has got oil-producing glands which are sufficient to moisturize the skin. And this is how our skin has been trained that our skin stops producing oil production. Skin becomes extensively dry. So, what is the right thing to do? Understand your skin type. Go to a skin specialist and ask them about your skin. We have a skin scanning system. It is one of the best technologies in the world. It scans your skin and face. Then according to the skin, we design skin care. That skincare contains anti-oxidant, certain vitamins which the patient required. We do not prescribe one single thing for everyone.

So, at 29 you can start a skincare regimen after consulting with a Dr. Your pigmentation will be resolved, aging would be delayed and all other skin problems will be resolved. Another thing you can do is, in our centre, we have silk peel and it is called a dermal infusion system. We inject serum in the deeper layer of the skin. The skin is infused with the vitamins. So, what is the difference between silk peel and any other technologies? So, whatever cream or anything you apply on the skin, it stays on the superficial layer of the skin. It does not get penetrated on the skin. So, this is the right technology for you. So, when this treatment was done in the U.S., they have taken out the peeled skin and have seen the effect for the same. Under the microscope, there was 70% plumping hydration of the superficial cells. So, this is actually signs. We Drs talk only about the sign, not anything illogical. So, ask your physician to do a tailor-made or routine for you. So, get your skin cleaned up. So, that stays healthier for a longer time.

Q4: A lot of patients ask me if we get one treatment done, what is the longevity? Is it gonna last for a year? Ans: It is like having a fruit juice. If you take gonna take fruit juice today, is your body gonna stay healthier throughout the year? No, it will never. So, all those things are for skin health.

The more you will do, the better you will maintain the skin health. This is the 21st century and we have technology on our side. We have the technology where your cells are repaired to the younger state. You don't have to go under a knife every time to look fresh and rejuvenated. It is an anti-aging routine and doesn't mean that people who have acne and pigmentation, can't have it. Skin tightening is the thing which is desired by a lot of people when they are in the 40s, 60s, and 70s. A lot of people I have seen who says, I do not need any surgery. I am fine and believe in natural aging. But if you can delay your aging so why not to go for the treatment. I have seen so many people whose skin are loose and they come to me for surgery after trying various things and then they ask for the face-lifting. After the procedure, they look nice but then one question remains that why didn't they take care of the skin when they were young. So, a lot of learning involves both sides. 

So, when you are young and have healthy skin, maintain it because it is a blessing. People are disappointed with loosening the skin and aging skin. They start comparing their pictures before and after. So, it is better to take care of the skin before it happens rather than saying that we believe in natural aging and grandmas therapies. So, who believe in home remedies and does 4000-5000 years old recipes to themselves, technologies are there to help you. This is for your benefit only. Coming onto laser hair reduction. At my centre, I have one of the best technologies in laser. In one shot, 3 wavelengths are shot. So, they hit hair follicles at a different length. And take care of the skin and hair in one go. This technology was not very popular 3-4 years back because people had their doubts about whether it will work or not. But now I have a lot of happy clients after laser hair reduction. I also have luminous light share diote that is also gold in laser hair reduction. So, I have every machine to benefit my patient.

I have never compromised on the quality of the machine because I believe in the brand. I believe that good brand will deliver good energy. I make sure to supervise each and every case to see what results my patients are getting here under the best technology. We are using core clarifying serum. This only not take of the acne but refines the pores. Because the main reason of developing acne is overactive oil glands. It also takes care of all the impurity that is present. This serum goes into the deeper layer of the skin. So, I will be using it for now to reduce acne scarring. I decided to do silk peel so that the patient can see the result.

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