Nightfall - Know More About It

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I am Dr. Yogesh Tandon, Sexologist. Today I will talk about nightfall. Jab ek ladka kishore awastha yani adolescent age mein aata hai toh uski body mein kafi changes hote hain like growth of sex organs and hormonal changes. Uske testosterone level kafi increase hote hain which leads to attarcation to the opposite sex. Iski vajaha se person masturbation karta hai and use raat mein sexual dreams bhi aate hain. Dreams mein hi agar ejaculation ho jaaye toh use hum nightfall kehte hain. Ye aam baat hai. Excess of nightfall can hamper our body both physically and mentally. It can lead to low sperm quantity, pain in testis, pain in joints, overall body weakness, lower back pain. Mentally it leads to depression, stress, and sometimes memory loss. You can prevent nightfall by doing kegel exercises. Ye exercise aap kabhi bhi and kahin bhi kar sakte hain chair pe baith ke.

Sidha baithe and anorectal region ko sqeeze ka lijiye. Jab aap squeeze karenge toh aap ko testis upar ki taraf elevate hota dikhega and penis mein khichav dikhega. 1-2 seconds hold karein and breath karte rahein. Isko aap ne 10-15 times karna hai. Daily 3 sets kariye. 2nd exercise mein aap urine ka flow stop and start karein. Is se aap ki penis ki muscles majboot hogi. Aur nightfall aap prevent ka payenge. Agar nightfall 2-3 times in a week hota hai toh worried na hon. Agar aap sex and masturbate nahi kar rhe toh bhi nightfall hona 1 baar aam baat hai. Agara nightfall week mein 4-5 times hota hai toh treatment lein. Iska major reason hai penis ki muscles and nerves weak hona due to excess of masturbation and pornography.

Self-control is a must. Aap daily yoga, exercise, meditation karein. Pornography dekhne se aap ka mind divert rahega 24 hours sex ki taraf. Isliya avoid karein. Jab bji aap sone jayein, urine kar ke jayein and bladder empty rakhein. Agar aap is problem se suffer kar rahein hain to Dr se consult karein or iska proper treatment lein which includes medicines, and counseling session. Ask help if needed. Stay healthy, Stay Fit. Agar aap mujhse contact karna chahte hain toh Lybrate ke through karein.

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