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Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Night Emission

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Dr. Poosha DarbhaSexologist • 40 Years Exp.PhD Human Genetics

Here are symptoms, causes, myth and treatment of Night Emission

Hi I am Poosha sex counsellor and sexologist. Friends, a lot people are worried about the emissions, ejaculations happening during the sleep time. These are called sleep emissions, nocturnal emissions, and nocturnal ejaculations or in common practice nightfall. Ejaculations do not occur for women but nocturnal orgasms do occur for girls and women also. Clearly this happens because external tensions build up inside the body and there is no relief mechanism there is no way out like no opportunity to participate in sex or even it is participated there is still much more need and desire. In such cases usually nightfall happens. Also there is a physiological basis for this one nocturnal emissions probably happen in a way it’s a nature’s way of testing its actual mechanisms.

Like take the example of a pressure cooker its steam builds up inside pressure comes out in the form of steam. So also when this actual pressure keeps building inside you the semen is ejaculated. As if through voluntary exercises like masturbation but if that is not there through sleep. There is nothing wrong about it. Nothing is lost. People are afraid that semen is lost. No semen will never be lost because semen production is an everyday process. It’s ok that a lot of people who experience nocturnal emissions almost every day or some people who experience it once in a month or twice in a month. There are people who get night, nocturnal emissions probably once or twice in an entire year and I can assure you I can tell you there are people who saw any night emissions at all. Everything is normal every frequency is normal. If they think it is excessive what they should do is stop thinking so much about sex.

Whenever sexual thoughts come you don’t stop the thoughts because they are natural for that age for any as it matter. But if the thoughts are bothering let the mind be diverted into something that is equally interesting which is a non-sexual thing. Think about education, think about games, think about sports, think about going to a movie, think about GOD or whatever interests you, think about scenic beauties, hobbies, anything. By diverting your mind into both directions where sexual thoughts are little reduced.

So people ask me what is the treatment for nocturnal emissions. There is no treatment there is no need for any treatment because it’s a natural phenomenon. Don’t try to interfere in nature’s ways. And remember nocturnal emissions will go away on their own. Once married there won’t be any nocturnal emissions at all except probably when his wife is away or is not in a position to participate in sex once in a while they may occur and as advance as the nocturnal emissions frequency will come down drastically and early people very rarely experienced that one. It doesn’t deplete anything it doesn’t come in the way of reduction in sexual life in any way. God has created that the nature has created that accept it as it is.

Good luck to you.


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