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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Myths About New Born Babies

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Dr. Lata Bhat (Senior Consultant)Pediatrician • 38 Years Exp.Fellowship In Neonatology, MRCPCH(UK), Diploma In Child Health (DCH), MBBS


I am Dr. Lata Bhat, Pediatrician. Today I will talk about the myths surrounding a newborn baby's upbringing. I will talk about the prevalent myths in our country and enlighten you about the facts.

Myth 1: Newborn baby should not be fed the first breast milk.
Fact: First breast milk known as colostrum is very good for your baby. It is highly nutritious and strengthens the immunity of your baby.

Myth 2: Lots of people give honey and jaggery to the baby.
Fact: We should not do that. Only breastfeeding is required. In fact, raw honey might lead to the infection in your baby.

Some people are worried about the head shape of the baby. This is normal for the first few months in the baby. There is no need to use any cap and pillow or any massage of the head.
In our country, there is a tradition to apply kajal to the newborn baby's eye which can increase the size of the baby's eyes. Fact is that your baby's eye size and eyesight are genetically determined. And kajal can sometimes lead towards the infection in the eyes. Oil massage is given to the baby and it is believed that it strengthens the baby's muscles and bones. Oil massage just moisturizes the skin. So, you should give gentle oil massage to the baby. There is no need to give additional milk to the baby.

Baby should have only breast milk. Breast milk is best for your baby. Another common question asked is - Should we give water to the baby while hiccups? Just give breastfeed to the baby. We should give breastfeed till 6 months and start cereals after 6 months. Few people say that we should hold or pick the baby when he/she is crying. Baby needs a lot of care and skin contact with its parents. There is a lot of confusion regarding the number of stool passes by the baby and the consistency of the stool. Babies can pass stools sometimes once in a week and sometimes 20 times per day. Both ranges are normal until the baby is not passing hard stools. In case of any other query, you can contact me directly via

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