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Low Back Pain !

Dr. Charmie Desai 87% (19 ratings)
Physiotherapist, Mumbai  •  9 years experience
Low Back Pain !
Allow me to quote the legendary Michael Jackson here, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”. Low backache is one of the commonest ailments globally. Although it varies in intensity, almost all individuals at some point in their life or the other undergo low backache.

A very common question we face at our centre is, “Will I be able to resume weight training ever?” Justifiable apprehension as the last thing they (and we) want is a relapse.

The following are some precautions which can allow one to exercise safely post severe backache.

1) Doctor: Consult a medical doctor / orthopaedic surgeon before commencing your exercise programme.

2) Physiotherapist: Sit down for a detailed counselling and understanding of the problem with your Gym – Physio and set goals accordingly.

3) Start slow: Gradual loading is the key to a successful exercise programme.

4) Rehabilitative exercises first: Your trainer is advised to integrate rehabilitative exercises in your programme at the offset.

5) Begin with stabilization exercises: At Inch By Inch – The Body Temple, we have a specialized programme called the “Rebalance” programme which is a strategically modified core programme that ensures low back safety.

6) Train accessory muscles unrelated to the back: Although all the muscles of the body are affected with backache, post rehabilitation weight training for accessory muscles such as biceps, triceps etc can be commenced safely while ensuring position providing sufficient back rest during all exercises.

7) Ensure good form: Good form is crucial for all individuals with or without back pain. With previous episode of low backache, this becomes even more crucial.

8) Listen to your body: Respect the signs your body delivers to you. If you wake up in the morning with increased uneasiness, local muscle fatigue or slight pain, take the day off! But do not make it a habit!
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