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Learn Type 1 Diabetes Management Tips For Kids

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Learn Type 1 Diabetes Management Tips For Kids

Type 1 diabetes is a condition where your body fails to produce sufficient insulin. As you know, insulin regulates your blood glucose levels. While Type 2 diabetes is common in adults, Type 1 diabetes tends to affect children and teenagers. This is why it is also known as Juvenile diabetes.

How to manage Type 1 diabetes in kids

If your child suffers from the condition, he/she will need to rely on managing the blood glucose levels through medications and lifestyle changes.

  • Regular insulin administration

The main issue for people suffering from Type 1 diabetes is the lack of insulin in their bodies. Since the body is unable to produce the compound, external administration is necessary. Your doctor will recommend the frequency of the insulin shots that your child will need to lead a healthy and normal life. The dosage of insulin will differ from one child to another, based on the level of glucose in their body.

  • Sticking to a healthy diet

Your child’s doctor will provide a detailed meal plan for your child to follow to battle Type 1 diabetes. Foods containing carbohydrates can increase glucose levels drastically. However, protein-rich diets do not have such a distinct effect on the body’s glucose levels. This is why your child may need to eat protein and fiber-rich foods. The frequency of insulin administration should be taken into account while creating a meal plan, so that sudden changes in glucose levels can be avoided.

  • Regular monitoring of blood sugar

In order to keep your child healthy, you will need to constantly monitor the blood sugar levels. This will give you and the doctor an idea about the effectiveness of the treatment. Furthermore, keeping the sugar levels in check will aid your child to grow and remain healthy. Diabetes testing kits are available in the market. You should buy one and use it at least a couple of times each day to test your child’s blood sugar levels.

  • Exercise

Encourage your child to play outside or engage in physical exercise each day. Jogging, cycling, and outdoor games are the best ways to keep your diabetic child healthy. Such activities also prevent weight gain, which can trigger blood sugar elevation.

Keep in mind that the management techniques used to treat Type 1 diabetes during childhood can have a huge impact on the child’s health once he/she grows up.

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