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Lasik - What Is It All About?

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Hi, I am Dr. Nikhil Nasta from Mumbai.

Friends today, I am going to talk to you about lasik. Lasik is a surgery which is done for number correction, yeah you got it right that number ka chashma which you are wearing, which you feel is such a burden, first thing in the morning I have to wear my chashma even before I brush my teeth, I can't go swimming, my friends tease me all the time and I wish I could get rid of this.

You can, there is a solution call lasik, Lasik is a beautiful surgery which removes your eye numbers completely. So, whether you have a chashma of plus number or a minus number even an excess number, if you are above the age of 18 you are a likely candidate to go in for this surgery and you do not need to wear glasses until you are much older you will get glasses like in about 45-50, which is the reading number which everybody gets, that number we can't remove but the distance number definitely we can.

Lasik is a surgery in which the front part of the eye which is rounded it is called the cornea, the transparent part of the eye that is what brings light into focus in the eyes, this if it is more curved or less curved than a normal person should be, will cause some problems with focus, which is corrected with the opposite effect glasses the glasses, the chashma that you wear. In a laser surgery we treat this part of the eye with the help of the laser light and we reshape the entire thing to what is best suited on your eye.

Now previously in this lasik surgery we used to use a blade, there would be a blade that made a cut, there would be a flap that is lifted and the cornea is ablated with the laser light, at the end of the surgery we put the flap back, this surgery is a routine conventional Lasik surgery. With advancements in technology, we realised the other complications of this procedure due to improper cutting of flap, or flap infection which were there we can prevent this by using a laser through and through. So, this all laser surgery is called femto laser or bladeless laser surgery. This makes it that much more precise and much more accurate but it comes at a cost, don't think about the cost when it comes to your eyes. it's a value for money, it's a young patient who we are operating on a Lasik usually in the age 18 to 20 year age group although we can do it even in your 40s, don't compromise the quality of correction that you can get, go for the best one just like you would go for the latest car or the latest phone, go for what is the latest available and suit your eyes the most, your doctor is the right guide for this.

There is a another thing now which is called contoura vision, in which just you have like a DNA fingerprinting or you know face recognition, this recognise your cornea, 22,000 points on your cornea are mapped and it's a very very precise mapping related surgery that we do, this is the best of the lot that we have to offer right now. Beyond this there is something called SmILE, there is a FLEx, there so many things.

Your doctor is a right guide to help you select which of these is an option for you, but remember no need to suffer wearing glasses, if you don't want to wear them just opt for the surgery and get rid of it, it's as simple as that. Surgeries do have complications discuss that part also so, your expectations match the reality, you are not going to become a Superman or a superhuman but real good vision is what usually we aim for and what you will get. Speak to anybody, speak to your ophthalmologist and ask your friends I am sure some of them have got it done. If you want more details or you like more videos like that logon to, wish you all the best guys.

Thank you

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