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Laser Hair Reduction

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Dr.Rajat Gupta 85% (33ratings)
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I am Dr. Swati Agarwal. This is a public awareness video on laser hair reduction. Many patients will come and ask us doctor, is it a permanent removal of my hair. So we tell them removal is a misnomer. This is permanent laser hair reduction. So what do you mean by that? The various parameters by which the patients are coming for laser hair reduction are thick hair, dark hair, hard hair or too much density of hair at a particular area. So with laser hair reduction, these parameters would start getting better that is thick hair will turn into thin hair, hard hair will turn into soft hair and the density of hair will also decrease. This is a welcome sign because see after the parlour activities the growth phase is not delayed that is you might have to repeat the parlour activity after every month but with permanent laser hair reduction, the frequency of sessions decrease as you take multiple sessions because the growing phase of the hair is delayed.

This is also the answer to the question the patients ask, why multiple sessions? Because hairs are in 3 phases in everybody's skin that is allogen phase, catogen phase and telogen phase. Allogen phase is the growth phase of the hair. In any laser targets only on the growth phase of the hair and that is why we need multiple sessions to get the best outcome. Now, patients also ask us, doctor, which laser should I go for. So, in previous years IPL was used which is Intense pulsed light and not a laser machine. It is not recommended as the results are not up to the mark. Then, coming to laser there are different types of lasers used. The most commonly used is a Diode laser but the best is to use triple wavelength laser because this kind of laser works on all types of hair that are thick hair and thin hair. So the thick terminal hair after few sessions changes to the thin venous hair or also called as the baby hair. So, one particular wavelength working best on thick hair might not work that good when the hair becomes thin. Similarly, in case if you are taking full body laser hair reduction and some particular area has fine growth but for both laser hair reduction, then that particular wavelength will not work up to the mark for those fine hair.

So the triple wavelength gives the advantage of working on all types of hair whether they are thick in the beginning and fine at the end of the reverse that is fine in the beginning and we want even finer growth. Another advantage of using the triple wavelength platform of laser hair reduction is that it can work on various hair types that are whether the patient is tanned or whether the darker shade or if they are too fair and want laser hair reduction. Also, it works on various body parts as I was telling you because the growth, the density, the darkness, the thickness of hair on various body parts is not the same in the same individual as well. Therefore, if you are planning of hair removal do talk to a dermatologist about laser hair reduction, discuss the various machines, the various body parts that you want to be done, get yourself examined then get it done always under the supervision of your dermatologist.


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