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Know More About Stress, Depression And Anxiety

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Dr.Atul Aswani 91% (96ratings)
Psychiatrist, Mumbai  •  20years experience
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This is Dr. Atul Aswani again. So, I would like to introduce you to the most common things which I am seeing in my practice these days. Now, since we are living in urban cities, all of us are working very hard and we have long hours, there is stress at work, there is stress at home and then we are not getting sleep at night because all of us are busy on social media and we are doing a lot of videos watching online maybe even including this video. So, what I am seeing in my practice is a lot of stress; that is one condition, but I also see is people who are feeling low, so that in technical terms is called depression. So, when somebody is feeling low for at least two weeks or a little more than 2 weeks we call it a major depressive disorder. This is something we should keep in mind. Besides depressive disorder, there are sometimes people who are feeling excessively happy.

Now, what is wrong with being happy? Nothing actually. So it is a good idea to be happy but when people are excessively happy like as in mania they get no sleep at all, they make risky decisions, they become impulsive and mania needs to be managed. Sometimes mania and depression may alternate and it is called a bipolar mood disorder. So these are the disorders of mood and then in addition to that there are disorders of anxiety. So like someone may feel restless all the time, they may be fidgety all the time, they may not be able to sit properly in one place that is general anxiety. In contrast, there are other situations in which suddenly so much anxiety happens that it becomes like panic and it is called a panic attack.

There is even a feeling that I may be getting a heart attack or someone might feel that they are almost going to die, so these are panic attacks and then there are sometimes a lot of intrusive thoughts, negative thoughts which repeatedly come into people's mind; the classic thought is that my hands are not clean so this becomes an obsessive thought and this creates a compulsion. What is the compulsion? The compulsion is that I must wash my hands. So, in current day practice, I am counseling people for the day to day stresses of their life that is one. Then number 2, we are looking at disturbances of mood, people who are feeling low and sometimes people who are feeling happy and number 3 we are also looking at anxiety, the anxiety due to corporate stress, exam stress, the anxiety of interviews and the anxiety which is seen in panic attacks or the anxiety which is seen in OCD. In my next video, I will talk about some other disorders and for that time thank you for seeing this video.


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