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I am Dr. Rajeev Vij, Dermatologist. Today I will discuss about Melasma. It is a disease where the patient develops blackish hyperpigmentation over the cheeks, face, nose and forehead. This is not a disease but it most commonly happens after the pregnancy. It is most commonly developed problem in woman. Previously we used to treat it with creams, laser but they are not much effective without the usage of the cream. The disadvantage you can have after the treatment like the loosening of the skin, the skin may become sensitive, red, a lot of irritation. Cream can remove the topmost layer of the pigmentation, not the inner one.

We have a very revolutionary treatment and that is known as PRP. PRP is quite effective in melasma. In PRP, we take blood from the patient. We extract platelets from the blood. This treatment makes your skin thicker and rejuvenated. With PRP, you don't have to use any other cream. The only required thing is sunscreen. This treatment is done within the span of 3 sittings. It makes your skin more radiant. Skin becomes more glowing. After 6 months you have to take another sitting again. Take proper precautions from the sun. This treatment takes 30-40 minutes only. When you come after 3 weeks, there is lot of improvements on your face. You can see the improvements in under eye dark circles. With this treatment, your fine wrinkles go and make skin glowing. Treatment has no side-effects. Below eye, there can be swelling for 1 day. It is an absolutely safe treatment.

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