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Last Updated: May 06, 2023

Know More About Acne!

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Dr. Sonam T0Dermatologist
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Now a days acne is very common condition in young population. There are various factors responsible for it.

Causes of acne in young male- 

  • Hormonal- in young age hormonal peak is responsible for most acne breakouts. Testosterone levels increases during puberty causing acne episodes. 
  • Stress- increasing stress causes increased level of cortisol levels which in turn causes testosterone to increase leading to acne breakouts. 
  • Diet- nutrition does play a role in acne episodes. Increased junk food intake, dairy products causes more breakouts.
  • Dry skin- using products to exfoliate your skin which causes dryness is also bad as it causes sebaceous glands to secrete more sweat which blocks pores.

Difference between male and female acne- 

Males usually get acne during their puberty and severity is more in males compared to females. This is because of following reasons-

  • Males have thick epidermis.
  • Higher levels of sebum
  • More facial pores
  • Less elasticity
  • More acidic skin.

Treatment modalities- 

Depending on the cause of acne treatment options differ. Most effective form of medication is retinoid derivatives both topical and oral. If lesions are inflammatory antibiotics have role. Apart from this if hormonal levels are high then medications to control them can be given. Diet, healthy habits, proper sleep also helps in treating acne significantly.

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