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Last Updated: Feb 03, 2024

Kidney Disease And Homeopathy

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Dr. A.K GuptaHomeopathy Doctor • 47 Years Exp.MD (Homoeopathy), DHMS


I am Dr. A.K Gupta, Homeopath. Today we will talk on kidney disease and homeopathy. These diseases are rapidly increasing in today's scenario. We need to see what causes kidney disease and what precautions you can take. Last, what homeopathy can do for this disease? As you all know that the kidney is the organ of the body. God has given 2 kidneys to flush out the waste products from the body in the form of the urine. In kidney dysfunction waste material gets indulge with the blood and also can lead to kidney damage. They are primarily of 2 types. Acute and chronic. It is a silent killer and it starts showing the symptoms at a very later stage. Normally, the patient suffers from blood pressure, diabetes, they are more prone to kidney diseases. The patient may suffer from kidney stones, hematuria, urinary problems, infections. These are the common problems which we see often in our practices. In chronic kidney disease, kidney gets damaged where the filtration gets affected and patient land up into the severe conditions.

A patient comes with the symptoms like puffiness in the eyes, the issue with the frequency of urination or there is a complete loss of urination or very slow urine passing and facing difficulty in passing urine like burning, pain. The patient may also pass the urine with blood and a lot of smell. We do the ultrasound, blood tests, urine report and in extreme cases, a biopsy can also be done. The patient who comes with the symptoms of kidney diseases, which means 80% of the kidney is already affected. Then it becomes a task to treat the patient. Sometimes the patient comes with a bunch of reports and they tell us that they need to go for renal transplant or dialysis as suggested by other Drs. So, can homeopathy do anything? The major side-effects to the kidney are self medications like painkillers or antibiotics. Later on when we see then it becomes too late.

A few medications related to joint pain also causes the problem o the kidneys. So, in kidney diseases, the protein starts passing through the urine. Uria level keeps on increasing. In complicated cases, uric acid is also high. The patient comes to us with 8, 9 and 10 and then the associate conditions are blood pressure and diabetes. Uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes are the causes of kidney diseases. And we call it CKD. Waste material starts getting mixed with the blood and it starts giving a different kind of symptoms. What kind of precautions which I would like to advise. It is very important to control diabetes and blood pressure. Hypertension can also lead to kidney damage. The patient may have symptoms like swelling of the legs, water retention in the legs. Water retention can also occur with some other things also. We need to see what has caused the problem like calcium and all other things which we have to take into the account. It becomes very difficult for the patient what to do and what not to do. Because the patient loses a lot of protein through the urine. If you reduce the salt then it also causes the problem. So, one has to be under a strict regimen of diet as well as the proper management from the Dr side. Where the patients are advised to go for dialysis start away, we have been able to postpone the dialysis. The patients who are already on the dialysis, we are able to help them to live life happily and stress-free. My advice to the patient to restrict the diet which is very important. You need to avoid citrus fruits. Avoid taking a very high amount of protein. Calcium has to be supplemented properly. If salt goes down then also it causes the problem and if goes high then also it causes the problem.

So, it is always better to consult a dietitian. The patient can be told what has to be taken and whatnot. Smoking and drinking have to be avoided. Baseline problem like diabetes and blood pressure have to be corrected with proper medications. In homeopathy, we have very good treatment for acute and chronic renal failure. If the patient comes at the initial stage, we can do much better for the patient. Normally, the patient comes at the very later stage. A routine check-up is important after the age of 40. If you see slightest of change in the urine pattern, consult a Dr immediately. Also, any changes are there in your body or any symptoms, consult a Dr to rule out the problem. Severe itching, nausea, vomiting, and headache have to be treated on time. We have very good treatment in homeopathy. With the treatment, the patient feels much comfortable.

Homeopathy has a lot to offer in kidney diseases right from stones, hematuria, burning, pain, all can be easily treated and tackled with homeopathy. Renal failure and CKD can also be treated easily. And the most important point for the patients who are advised to go for dialysis and transplant can go for homeopathic treatment and they can see either they are completely prevented from the dialysis or it can be delayed to the greater extent. You can live a good quality of life. So, who all are suffering from kidney disease, they can try homeopathy and all your problems can be taken care of. The kidney is one organ of the body which affects your heart also. So, you have to be very careful with your health.


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