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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Kegel Exercise For Men - What You Should Be Aware Of!

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Dr. Rahul GuptaSexologist • 16 Years Exp.MD-Ayurveda, BAMS
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Kegel Exercise can help one to prolong the ejaculation and sustain an erection. Thinking about practicing it? Chances are that one has already done it if one ever stopped urinating midstream. In Kegel Exercise, people make use of the pubococcygeus muscles present in the pelvic region. Though it is not a men's only exercise, it is being primarily used by men to control and prolong ejaculation.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise:

Kegel exercise can help with:

  • Control Ejaculation to have prolonged pleasured
  • Improve Prostate Health
  • Improve Erection Firmness
  • Arousal Control
  • Ejaculation Strength
  • Bladder Control

The Kegel Exercise: Hysteria Can Be Bad - There are websites and magazines that swear by this exercise. People are actively promoting it and talking about all the good things it has done to them. Many people are practicing it owing to it being simple to remember and beneficial in controlling ejaculation. It is also easy to master exercise. However, these websites and magazines also carry a disclaimer, usually in very small print, about not to overdo the Exercise. One should not just glance through this warning, but indeed pay attention to it.

It is true that the Kegel Exercise can improve sexual endurance, but if the person overdoes it, the exercise can be harmful. Repeated contraction of prostate muscle arising out of this exercise can induce prostate sympathetic nerve for ejaculation. So instead of prolonging, one may end up quickening the ejaculation. It can lead to muscles developing more testosterone, oxytocin and DHT receptors. These hormone receptors induce orgasms and can quicken the ejaculation. Reckless Practicing Is a Strict No, If the person is practicing Kegel exercise consistently, it is safe and beneficial for them. However, there are many who often go overboard in their enthusiasm to sustain their erection. In fact, there is an element of addiction to it. The more the person derives the pleasure of long-term erection, the more he/she wants to exercise. But one needs to understand that there is a limit, and crossing that limit can be quite harmful.

Many magazines and websites claim that practicing exercise right after ejaculation can markedly enhance sexual prowess. However, one needs to understand that practicing the exercise before ejaculation as well as after ejaculation; he/she is overdoing it. This can be detrimental to sexual health. In fact, it augurs well to abstain from practicing Kegel exercises right after intercourse. It can be an assault on sexual health.

Indeed, there are men who have damaged their sexual drive by overdoing the Kegel exercise. They have become prone to premature ejaculation. These people too can get back to healthy ejaculation by replenishing their parasympathetic nerves with natural herbs. These herbs also reduce the amount of DHT hormone that triggers premature ejaculation. For sexual system, it augurs well to take to these herbs, not practice more Kegel exercises.

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