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Dr. Nitin Jain 89% (10 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB ((Surgical Gastroenterology), Diploma In Laparoscopy
Surgical Gastroenterologist, Mumbai  •  19 years experience
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Hello all!

I am Dr. Nitin Jain. I am practicing as a gastro-intestinal hepatobiliary and laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai for 17 years. I am working with many corporate hospitals like- Bombay Hospital, Hiranandani Hospital, Holy spirit hospital and I have my own clinic and set up in Powai. I am going to talk about Jaundice which is very common and prevalent problem all over the world. In my practice, I see many jaundice patients who have taken treatment from their local country remedies or some home remedies which is not the right solution for jaundice. When I talk about jaundice, jaundice means yellow eyes, yellow skin or very high color urine. Jaundice can be because of many causes.

At times it is just self-limiting even if you don't take any medicine it is curable. At times it may not respond to any medicine that might be because of surgical problem. So, in that case, you have to see doctor immediately. I would advise all who have jaundice or who have patients of jaundice they should consult the doctor immediately. Jaundice can be because of medical problem or surgical problem. In medical problem most common being acute viral hepatitis. Most of the time it is self-limiting and self curable by itself. Like hepatitis A B C can be self-limiting, jaundice with fever can be serious problem. In that case you have to consult a doctor. Jaundice can be because of surgical causes like gallbladder stones, bile duct stone, tumors, narrowing stricture or at times liver failure, cirrhosis or at very rare cases it can be because of drug-induced or drug which are taken for long time that can cause jaundice.

Jaundice is really a serious problem which no one should neglect. At times it can be because of very rare but benign conditions when someone has biochemical or high bilirubin or yellow eyes but there is no treatment like syndromes where only bilirubin is raised. So whatever may be the cause of jaundice, whenever someone has jaundice he or she has to consult a doctor. Most of the times it is curable, treatable if found in time. In my practice, I have seen patients who come in the advanced stage. 30-40% have taken treatment from XYZ, from the country made, from some sadhus, babas, dadi and nani. These are the patients where there is very little to offer and these patients suffer long. So whenever Jaundice is there, someone has to really consult doctor immediately. Most of the times if detected or investigated in time, 90% of the time it is treatable/curable and the problem can be solved. I hope you all have understood.

Thank you for listening to me!

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