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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Issues That Can Arise In A Relationship!

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Dr. Rakhi AnandPsychologist • 33 Years Exp.PhD - Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology
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A close relationship enhances the happiness in our lives. One may feel at some point of time that things are not working well as one would like them to, but with minor tweaks here and there things get back on the regular track. By identifying problems early enough in a relationship, allows us to overcome challenges before the problems take on overwhelming proportions.

  1. Taking one’s partner for granted: With the maturity of relationships, a tendency creeps up to assume that it’s fine to let the normal details of life slip and slide. It becomes very easy to dismiss the people one is closest to because one expects them to be there in all circumstances. One must reflect on what life would be like without one’s partner to avoid this situation.
  2. Constant worry whether partner cares for you: If a person constantly worries about whether partner really cares about him or her, it is counterproductive. It is important to give space to both individuals else the excessive need for affection and reassurance will drive the partner away. After a person and the partner establish commitment to each other, it should not be necessary for one to keep questioning and wondering whether one’s partner honestly cares.
  3. Slippage of boundaries slip around relationship: There are bound to be secrets within a close relationship and letting others into one’s private world erodes partner’s feelings of trust in a relationship. If the partner finds out, he or she will feel betrayed or humiliated.
  4. Complaining about your partner to everyone except him: Sharing one’s unhappiness with anyone who will listen except the partner is counter-productive
  5. Turning on the passive-aggressive switch: One may think it’s safer not to out rightly object to a request or disagree with something one’s partner says but by not letting partner know how one really feels, one is closing a door of communication
  6. Constantly questioning your relationship: Questioning one’s relationship means that one has a doubt that the relationship will last, and therefore may be less likely to feel comfortable about commitments one makes about the future.
  7. Giving up on one’s partner: Everyone goes through challenges of losing a job, health problems, or dealing with an addiction. It’s at those difficult times one’s partner needs a good cheer and support, but those times also make one stressed. One’s confidence and support will help ease a partner’s pain, but maybe just what’s needed to help the partner summon up the resources to overcome the challenge.
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