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Is It Time for Braces?

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Is It Time for Braces?
Is It Time for Braces?
This is the most worrying question for parents.
By age 12 or 13, most kids will have lost all of their baby teeth and will be having a full set of adult teeth. Around this time, some parents will start to notice that their preteen’s smile isn’t looking so straight anymore. If your child’s smile is starting to appear a bit crowded or crooked, it might be time for you to seek out a orthodontist for braces. Orthodontic problems—or problems dealing with the alignment of the teeth and shape of the jaw—are common in preteens. In fact, almost half of preteens need braces or some other kind of orthodontic treatment. If you’re concerned about your child’s smile, ask your dentist today.
When should you seek orthodontic treatment for your kids? The answer is as soon as possible. As kids enter their late teen years, jaw growth slows and the bones holding the teeth in place begin to harden and set. Once in adulthood, the jaw stops growing altogether. Adults can successfully shape their smile with orthodontic treatment, but they may have to use a retainer for the rest of their life. Many experts feel that the earlier orthodontic treatment can begin, the better the outcome. Before braces, however, your child may need to wait until all 28 of their adult teeth have grown in. And sometimes orthodontic problems don’t even appear until later into the teen years. Just keep an eye on those teeth and see an orthodontist as soon as you start to think there could be a problem.
In some cases, if parents see that at a age earlier than 11 years, there is too much misalignment of teeth, as they are erupting, it is best to ask your dentist if some intervention is needed to stop a problem from worsening.
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