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Important Facts Related To Diabetes And Pregnancy

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Important Facts Related To Diabetes And Pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy is termed gestational diabetes. In this condition, your blood sugar is very high. What you must know is that excess glucose in your blood can be harmful to both the mother and the child inside the womb.

In most cases, gestational diabetes is diagnosed in the later stages of pregnancy. However, it is important to have proper knowledge about this condition and get familiar with the facts around it.  

Important facts about gestational diabetes:

  1. Eight out of a hundred ladies tend to develop diabetes during pregnancy. The good part is, it can be managed through a healthy lifestyle. Focus on eating leafy foods and avoid sugar-rich products. Also, practice light exercises, but only after consulting your doctor.

  2. If you are overweight before pregnancy or while you are pregnant or your family history shows that you are hereditarily inclined to the condition, then your chances of developing gestational diabetes are higher. Your weight may bring complexities during the delivery so keep it under check.

  3. Research has proved that if you have had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy, then the chances are higher chances that you may have it during your next pregnancy as well.

  4. Apart from the risks of having gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, it might even affect the child later on. Your baby may have a higher danger of obesity as it develops, both in the teenage years and youth.

  5. Women may also be at risk of contracting preeclampsia during gestational diabetes, which can bring about a number of side effects and complexities. You may experience side effects such as swelling in feet, legs, fingers and high blood pressure, stroke, or seizures.

For a healthy pregnancy, gestational diabetes has to be controlled strictly throughout the nine months of pregnancy with the help of diet, exercise, and medicines.

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