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Dentist, Gandhidham  •  8 years experience
I have heard lot of people saying that, i brush everyday, don't eat chocolates, don't smoke or eat tobacco but still i have cavities and other dental diseases. Why so?
I would like to make you all understand that for dental cavities to occur, three factors have to work at a time. First, the micro-organisms that you have in your mouth, secondly, the food that you eat and thirdly the safe environment that bacteria get by hiding in between and around your teeth. You cannot eliminate your teeth, bacteria and stop eating food. But you can surely avoid these three factors to work at a time. Using a mouthwash daily, it will kill the bacteria and neutralize its acidic contents. Don't let food stick on your teeth, so rinse properly after every meal. Use a dental floss daily, it will clean the spaces around your teeth.
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