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Hygiene Tips School Students And Preschoolers Must Follow!

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Hygiene Tips School Students And Preschoolers Must Follow!

A good personal hygiene for students is extremely important as it leads to a boost in their self-esteem and confidence. They can come in exposure with millions of germs throughout their day. Hence, students should keep themselves clean in order to stay healthy. A personal hygiene for school students include bathing, brushing their teeth, washing their hands and many more. Parents are responsible for teaching hygiene to preschoolers to prevent them from illness.

School students and preschoolers should begin their day by brushing teeth and gums for at least 2 minutes. Also, they should bath regularly, ensuring that they wash all of their body parts such as neck, belly, armpits, knees, back and genital areas. Apart from this, students should be taught about how hand-washing is a must. By washing hands frequently, children eliminate the risk of catching infections. Ask your child to wash their hands before and after meal, after using washroom, sneezing, coughing or after being near an ill person. It should be ensured that preschooler’s hands are also wiped after such activities.

Grooming fingernails is also a part of personal hygiene for students. Their nails should be trimmed on regular basis because bacteria can live in child nails which can be transferred to their mouth or eyes. You must also encourage your child to wash their nails during a shower. School students should have a habit of keeping a handkerchief along with themselves. They should be taught to cover their face with while sneezing or coughing. A handkerchief can be regarded as your child’s best friend in school. Thus, personal hygiene for school students should include a handkerchief.

It is responsibility of a mother, teaching hygiene to preschoolers to keep her child’s toy clean. Your child can put a toy in mouth and hence you should try keeping it germ free. Make sure you wash their favourite toys regularly. School’s furniture should also be free of bugs and classrooms should be cleaned daily to provide complete personal hygiene for school students. Your child’s clothes and shoes have to be clean and tidy. Wash their school uniforms daily and ask them to change their innerwear daily. Their school uniforms should be air dried so that it does not bear any unpleasant smell. If students don’t wear clean shoes, they might have sweaty foot or any other fungal infection. They should wear cotton lined socks instead of the synthetic fiber to school.

Food hygiene is another important aspect of kids hygiene. Tiffin boxes of school students should be cleaned properly and make sure they carry themselves with a bottle of clean water to school. They should consume fresh home-cooked food instead of munching on snacks in school canteen. Clean their school bags too, once in a while to maintain the hygiene level.

Good hygiene is directly proportional to good health and inversely proportional to illness while poor hygiene is responsible for body odour, greasy skin and some serious issues like stomach pain and common cold. Parents and teachers can play a major role to bring about this change in a student life. Mothers should be very cautious about hygiene of preschoolers. Hence, a child of any age should maintain good hygiene habits otherwise they could suffer from low self esteem during adulthood. 

However, It is not possible for parents and teachers to keep an eye on students every time. Thus, they should themselves be aware about how important personal hygiene is for their overall personality development. Remind your child about various hygiene practices until they begin to follow the routine on their own.

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