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Husband's Sexual Dysfunction and its Effect on Marriage

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Husband's Sexual Dysfunction and its Effect on Marriage

My husband’s sexual dysfunction and its effect on my marriage

  • When I got married, we were both in our mid 20s and excited to start our journey together. Everything seemed all new and exciting and I settled into my new home quite soon. My husband, being quite the romantic that he is, always made me feel loved and special with random acts. For a while all was good but I soon started to feel like something was amiss. Our physical relationship was almost non-existent!
  • Initially I didn’t pay much attention to it thinking that maybe he wants to wait till we are more comfortable with each other and I was very hesitant to raise the topic myself. Yet, as time passed he didn’t seem to make any advances in that direction. Every time I tried to hint at it he would just seem disinterested. While I knew my husband loved me, I did start to worry why he wasn’t being physically intimate with me.
  • I started wondering if it was me that he was not interested sexually in or if i’d done something wrong. The few times we would have sex he would seem distant and the intimacy just wasn’t there. I finally got the guts to talk to him directly about it but he said everything was fine and that he didn’t need more of it.
  • In the beginning I started questioning if maybe I was overthinking this and maybe our sex life was fine, but to be honest, it just wasn’t. I didn’t know who to talk to about this without embarrassing my husband, so didn’t say anything for a while. However, one day I was over at my best friend’s place when I couldn’t hold back any longer and finally confided in her about my marriage. I told her that while he always showered me with love and affection, our physical relationship was just not moving forward.
  • She was very sympathetic and understanding of my situation and then started talking to me about how common it can be. She told me that maybe he has a low-libido which decreases his sexual desire and that it doesn’t mean i’m the reason. Further, she went on to say that it is quite a common concern among men but is not talked about much as it is generally a source of embarrassment to them. At first, I was relieved to know it wasn’t me but my relief was short-lived. I worried about our future if my husband and I would never have a physically intimate relationship.
  • When I voiced my concern, she told me there is nothing to worry and that this can be treated easily. Further, she suggested a herbal supplement, and consultaed Dr. Vikas nagi that she had heard of from someone she knew that helped greatly. I was happy to know that it was completely safe and natural as that was my biggest concern.
  • When I went home that evening I gathered my courage and raised this topic with my husband. He admitted that he felt our physical relationship was lacking, but that he just didn’t have the sexual appetite that his peers often bragged about. I spoke to him about Dr. Nagi ayurveda clinic and after confirming that its medicine are completely natural and devoid of side-effects, he decided to try.
  • I am so pleased to say that the ayurveda medicine worked well. Soon after he started the tablets, I started noticing slight changes in his behaviour. He started being the one to initiate our physical relations as well as take an interest in sex. He even mentioned that he started noticing a change in his energy levels. Apart from our physical life, these supplements also helped my husband feel better about himself thus helping our overall relationship.
  • Sexual dysfunction in any partner can be embarrassing to talk about, but for men it often becomes a matter of pride and ego causing the issue to go unresolved. This can lead to sexual tension and problems in the marriage later on. If your husband is facing this issue, don’t be nervous, but talk to him about it gently. Remind him that it is a common concern faced by many be there with him. Had I not spoken up maybe I would never have known about Dr. Nagi which could have greatly impacted our relationship. Today, i’m relieved to say my husband and I are very much in love and that by addressing this issue, it is only strengthened our bond further.
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